Your PC Gaming Essentials

Online entertainment and particularly gaming have seen a huge surge in recent years, and particularly the past year – many new players who may not have otherwise considered making the change have now started to find increasing interest in esports in particular as the biggest games in the world have started to surpass viewership of even traditional sporting events, and the growth of betting markets on these games here at shows just how successful this has become too – but what are some of the PC gaming essentials you’ll need to get started yourself?

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The peripherals – This accounts for all of the little bits that are essential to get started – your mouse, your keyboard, and your monitor too. Much like equipment for other systems, they come in all price points and have many different features, but there are some better than others in particular. The big-ticket items here are the monitors – faster displays with higher refresh rates are often more expensive, but also offer the best performance. Gimmicks such as RGB lighting have become more common and can sometimes hike up the prices of keyboards or mice, and as such can sometimes skew what is the best to get – searching around is certainly your best bet to find  the best fit for your price bracket and performance expectations but are certainly a much-needed set of items.

The system – As with the peripherals, you’ll need a system to be playing on, and with everything else there are options for you here – you can either choose to buy a pre-built system both brand new  and second hand, but these will likely be a little more expensive as the labour costs of having the system already built play a factor, or you can build a system for yourself which is a little cheaper and brings the feel of accomplishment too. Either way you choose, the big games aren’t required to have a top-of-the-line best performing system so there is a lot of wiggle room and setting yourself up with some can certainly help you move forward in your PC gaming journey.

The little extras – With a PC, the options don’t just end at gaming however, as there are plenty of additional things you can do – the big thing lately has been streaming or content creation, and these each have their own niche hardware that can make the expansion much easier. There are plenty of options to explore and may need these little extras to succeed, and are certainly things to consider picking up if it’s an area you’d like to try.