Winter Sports


Why Would You Choose Winter Sports?

With the cold season that is quickly approaching it is possible to discover or continue among the different types of sports in order to gain the opportunity of practicing different sports and adding variety to your workout regime even during the winter month. Outdoors or under cover, with minimal or more complete equipment, you can still find a way to ensure that your winter months is full of sports and recreation! How about skiing and snowboarding? Have you decided to tackle the snowy slopes? Whatever your level, from novice to confirmed practitioner, the choice of the material must be a priority. Depending on your body type as well as your actual weight, different models will be proposed in order to hit the slopes! If you prefer to test the snowboard, know that unlike the skis, this board is not equipped with brakes. However, it is easy to learn to master the art of using skis with a ski instructor.The ski instructor would give you tips that are similar to a football coach for an athlete such as Kevin Sheehan. They will work on your posture at all time to ensure that you do not eventually damage your back or knees.

Ice Hockey Originally from Canada, this is perhaps the most impressive winter sport ever! It is now practiced in many countries, including France and has professional players as amateurs. It requires access to a skating rink so that the two teams compete. For a point to actually go through, the puck must pass the goal line of the opponent team. The necessary equipment is quite important because the physical contact can usually be very rough during the game. In addition to ice skates and lacrosse, plan for shoulder pads, a breastplate, elbow pads and stiff leggings.

Winter sports to plan

Whatever the chosen discipline, it is better to prepare and plan effectively. In advance.  Find out about the activities on site before hand as well.  On the equipment side, compare the plans to find the solution that will suit you best: purchase or rental on site. Do not forget to include in your winter holiday budget the price of the ski and snowboard. To avoid getting too cold on the slopes or at the ice rink, do not neglect the most important gear witch usually ski pants, jackets, fleeces and thermal underneath garments. Do not forget your thick winter gloves as well as your protective goggles.

For everything related to winter sports, accommodation, purchase or rental of equipment, lessons with a monitor you may want to contact the establishment directly for further and immediate assistance.