What you need to do after using a sex toy

You’ve just had that wonderful moment between the sheets, thanks to that sex toy. But now you must ensure your toy is correctly cleaned, ready for next time when the action is getting hot! Using a sex toy intravaginally is no different from having penetrative sex with your partner. Your sex toy needs special treatment and following is what you need to do after sex.


Your sex toy must be cleaned before and after using it. If you just throw it into the drawer, it will accumulate dirt and lint. Washing before removes dust and bodily fluids after. If you happen to be using one toy for both anal and vaginal stimulation, then you must wash it after every round. Failure to do this could lead to a transfer of infection-causing bacteria from the anus to the vagina and vice versa. Use soap and a lot of clean warm water. Never use antibacterial gel or hand sanitizer.


Do you have a battery-powered toy? Then you should remove the batteries before you store the toy. Storing the batteries with the toy will drain the juice and reduce the lifespan of the toy. The batteries could also leak between uses and destroy the toy. Keep the toy in a lint free area, such as in a satin storage bag or box. Wrapping them in a soft material ensures that the toy is well taken care of and does not waste away. It also prevents the toys from extreme heat, which may cause damage.

Separate Toys

Sharing toys is highly discouraged, and if you do share, then remember to use a condom on your toy to avoid STDs.

Use TheRight Lube

Not all lubes are the same and therefore you need to choose the correct one depending on the material your toy is made of. Some lubes may not be compatible with the material it is made of and thus would wear it out. Always read the instructions on the toy, and on the lube to ensure they are compatible.

Keep TheToys Cool And Dark

Before you put the Male Sex Toys away after cleaning, ensure that you dry them completely. Keep them in a cool, dark and dry place. Avoid throwing all your toys in the dresser drawer. Choose a special bag for each to keep them clean, dry and ready for action.

Replace Worn Out Toys

Watch for signs of disrepair. When the surface of the toy begins to peel off or is discolored, or batteries leak, it is time for a new sex toy. Scratches and cuts in the surface of silicone can harbor and breed nasty bacteria, and if the wrong lube has been used, or items not cleaned properly, the surface is no longer smooth and can be dangerous to your health.

Your sex toys are part of your sex life. They add a whole new dimension to your sexual pleasure and therefore should be treated well for a good service.