The world of weed seems small in variety, but in reality, it isn’t that tiny. The varieties we get with cannabis is wide enough to spend a week. Some people choose the quantity over quality and go with the dry weed. Dry weeds provide more quantity and help to let you party for a bit long. Whereas, for the people who are always concerned about the quality over quantity aspect, sticky weeds is the go-to option. New buds get introduced every day, and it becomes hard to determine whether the new introduced sticky weeds are better or not. To understand what is sticky weed?, we must first understand what dry weed is how different it is from sticky cannabis.

                A dry weed is the lower amount of trichomes causes the dirt version of the cannabis and dryness. Trichomes are the small and thin hairs that make the weed sticky. Clearly, with dryness, the dry cannabis weighs lighter and have this quantity over quality aspect.

                Now as we have understood what dry weed is, it is easier to understand what sticky weeds are. Sticky weeds are juicy and full of trichomes. Keep it clear that more the trichomes, higher the amount of THC and THC is what any weed is all about. Naturally, the cannabis with the high percentage of THC results in increasing stickiness of the weed. With all the moist and trichomes, the sticky weeds always weigh heavier than the dry weeds but provide much better potent. Sticky weed is all about quality over quantity aspect. It has become the best choice for the people who prefer quality consumption as it is oozing with THC and has become the most sought out strain on the market nowadays. Always remember that a sticky weed filled with strong heavenly potential.