Understanding Betting Requisites and Any Offers on Bitcoin Games

You would be able to deposit or withdraw winning scored at Crypto Games in five different cryptocurrencies. It would be inclusive of the most popular options available inclusive of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peer coin, Darkcoin and Dogecoin. It would be pertinent to mention here that minimum deposit to be made would be no less than 0.0001 Bitcoin and respective amount pertaining to other available currencies. Any lower amount would not be credited to your respective bitcoin casino account.

It should be remembered that you would be allowed to play in the currency you deposited. Therefore, in event of you started playing with Bitcoin, you would be unable to exchange into any other cryptocurrency. There would be no fees levied by the website for withdrawing money to your account. However, the withdrawal time would be ranging from six minutes for Dogecoin to sixty minutes for Bitcoins. You would be given the option of making up to ten withdrawal requests in a day.

What are the betting requirements at Bitcoin games?

It would be pertinent to remember about few minimum betting requirements based on the game you intend to play. For instance, if you were playing slots, you could bet between 10 to 5.000 Credits.

In addition, Blackjack game has its own requisites where the bet could be placed between 10 and 50.000 Credits. In the dice game, you could place minimum bet amount based on the payout.

Do they offer any bonus or welcome package?

Bitcoin Games have no classic bonus or promotional offers. It would also not offer any welcome package to be used for playing on some other online casino websites. Nonetheless, they would be having regular wagering contests on all games in combination where three users wagering to the most would be receiving decent awards based on their account. For instance, ongoing contest would receive winner with 0.25 Bitcoins whereas, second place and third place players would be receiving 0.1 and 0.05 Bitcoin respectively.