Top Tips for Air Rifle Shooting during Winter

Winter can bring out many amazing opportunities for owners of air rifles; however, shooters looking to get the most out of their air rifles this winter must ensure that they know what they are doing. That is why we are here today, to provide some top tips for sit rifle shooting during the colder months… If you are planning on going out shooting with your air rifle this winter, carry on reading at your peril…

Top Tips!

Quarry location and timing

  • During winter natural food in the form of beechmast, sweet chestnuts and acorns are starting to run low, meaning that small animals are starting to get hungry! This means that during winter it is easier for shooters and hunters to call squirrels and pigeons in using their own manmade feeding stations packs with corn and peanuts.
  • The best times to go out shooting during winter, and the times that you will see the most visitors at your feeding stations, although they will come all throughout daylight, are the first thing in the morning and the last thing in the day, when it is light but not too bright.

Dressing for the weather –

  • As when shooting you have to spend a lot of your time in one place and staying still you will get cold, therefore you must use clothing cleverly to ensure you keep warm
  • You should wear lots of thin layers instead of one thick layers so that you can add and remove layers when required
  • You should pay attention to your head a feet, wearing a suitable hat and wearing two pairs of socks and quality walking boots so that your feet don’t get wet
  • Make sure that you have a good pair of gloved on you to protect your fingers

Carry essentials –

When out shooting in winter you should ensure that your backpack is full of all of the things that you could possibly need, not limited to your rifle, ammo and any other rifle accessories but also including things that you could need such as water, snacks, a change of socks, a towel, a torch, something to sit on and a compass.

These are only some of the available tips for people looking to shoot this winter too! If anyone needs any more advice and guidance, we recommend that you contact your local air rifle supplier today who will not doubt be delighted to help you.