Top 7 Art Materials You Should Give to Your Kids to Develop the Artist in Them

Developing the artist in your kid is a job to be done carefully. First of all, you have to be very patient. Just a wrong step and your child may get deterred from the activity to return never.

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You’ll have to take it for granted that you are going to have a lot of mess around the house. There would be funny pictures on walls, play clay stuck on furniture and colours spread on tables and books.

But if you want your child to enjoy their entry and journey in the world of art, you’ll have to tolerate the mess without getting irritated.

Plus, you’ll have to make innovative additions to their art material collection. There are so many art materials out there at suppliers like Tiny Tiny Shop Shop which you can choose for your child.

Here are different types of materials which will trigger your imagination regarding what can be given to your child to maintain his interest in learning art.

1. Poster Colours

Colours are a great attraction for children. Introduce colours in her life with tempera poster colours because they are inexpensive, versatile, harmless, washable and easily available.

There are many types of shiny, bright colours available which your child will love to handle. Bring him picture books and teach him to fill them with colours so that he’ll learn what to do with these paints.

2. Water Colours

Another type of colours best for kids is water colours. Your child can use them for everything from regular paintings to every type of craft projects.

Children also love water. And hence the idea of mixing colours with water can easily attract them. Let them give strokes with their brush in any way they want.

Provide them with some ideas such as flowers, flower vases, butterflies etc. and tell them to paint pictures of these objects. They’ll learn painting though initially they may make a lot of mistakes.

3. Oil Pastels

Oil pastels and crayons are perhaps the easiest media for kids to get introduced to paints and paintings. Kids can hold them easily and they don’t have to be mixed with any other medium, so, can be instantly used.

4. Easels

Kids’ easels come in a lot of fun shapes. For example, take a look at the colourful art kits for kids from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop which include so many types of easels which will make your child excited.

These easels will make the job of painting easy and fun for children as they include sections for storing colours, pencils, crayons, palettes, brushes, etc.

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5. Play Clay

Your child doesn’t need necessarily to be a painter. She can even become a sculptor. Play Clay can trigger the sculptor in her with its soft and easy-to-mould structure and attractive colours.

Again you can give her various ideas for making sculptures like humans, animals, birds, utensils, vehicles, tools, furniture and so on. By creating these things, she’ll get the satisfaction of creating something.

6. Glues

Glue too is an important part of your kid’s journey in the art world. He’ll need it to stick papers, make collages and also glue broken parts of his tools.

And sometimes kids just love squeezing glue bottles!

Encourage him to use glue sticks for making paper collage, sticking papers to make paper lanterns and similar objects etc.

A glue gun is also a useful tool for gluing structures or sculptures of wood or cardboard making the job pretty easier and quicker.

7. Paper

Paper is one of the most essential objects in your kid’s art materials. Various types of glossy, colourful papers are very attractive for kids.

You can encourage your child to make various artworks from colourful or white papers, and she’ll feel great to make them.

Bring these various materials to make your child’s art journey easy, fun and creative; who knows, they may become great artists tomorrow!