Food has been one of the central parts of any gathering, meeting, or even a celebration. If you’re planning for a corporate event, you need to ensure that the menu suits the occasion and even your guest list or otherwise, it could ruin the entire event. Because the truth is, people, remember the food. That’s why it is necessary to pick the right menu for your event. We all know that it’s really difficult to pick the food everyone will like that’s why Gobble Fresh Catering is here to turn your event into a memorable one. We’ve also listed some tips on how you can pick the appropriate menu for your next corporate event.

Plan Early

Arrangements for an event need to be executed early so we can avoid or be prepared if unnecessary glitches come along the way. Modifications on the items listed on your menu may be allowed by caterers one or two weeks before the actual event. Give yourself enough time to check the menu and commence with the preparations needed for the event early. So, you will have enough time to make any changes before it’s too late.

Know Your Attendees

When choosing a menu for your event, always consider your guests, their tastes and even their dietary requirements. It’s one of the possible indications on whether you’ll be serving an informal or formal menu.

Some of your attendees, perhaps, may have allergies or dietary requirements. Others might not consume alcoholic beverages. Cultural and religious differences may also affect your menu choices. With those in mind, you may prepare alternatives for those attendees. Planning early is one of the keys to ensure that your attendees’ needs are properly addressed.

Know Your Numbers

You need to have an accurate number on the number of people that will be attending your event. This is significant not only in choosing the menu but also on determining the seats, tables, and venue capacity. It is also necessary to be fully aware of the number of guests with special dietary requirements so you can coordinate it early with the caterer.

Buffet or Sit Down?

You can choose whether you would like to serve your guest while seated or otherwise choose a buffet style. Plated service is more convenient since there’s no need for the guests to stand up and get their food. On the other hand, the buffet style enables guests to get up and interact with each other during breaks. This is one of an ideal platform to facilitate networking among you and the guests.

Time also plays a vital role in choosing between the two styles. It is safe to go for a buffet style if you find that you do not have ample time to prepare. A plated service will really take a lot longer when it comes to clearing the tables and cleaning up the place before the start of the event proper.

Consider the Theme and Type of Event

Keep in mind that your chosen menu should match the theme and type of event that you’re hosting. Same goes with the beverages that you’d like to serve. Consider also the time of the day that you’ll be hosting the event to ensure that the right meals are being served as well. Doing so can make your event more memorable.