Things To Consider And Remember When Building Stairs

The stairs can be a quaint addition to any home that completes the style and ties up the entire interior decor. When it comes to choosing the right stairs for a home, going to the nearest home depot really isn’t an option. More often than not the help of professional Metal fabricators is needed to do the job.

Most staircases are created from scratch, meaning as the homeowner you need to do some extra thinking if you want the perfect set of stairs at home. Here’s a quick guide about the most important factors worth giving some extra thoughts on:

Factor 1: Budget

Just like any other project, it is best to sit down and set a strict budget first before anything else. As soon a budget for the stairs has been determined you can slowly start to look into the other details of the project. Everything has to start with the budget because here you will know what your limitations are.

Factor 2: Stair Width

There is a standard for the width of the stairs, but it will depend on where the stairs will be built into. For residential homes, 0.75 meters is the acceptable minimum, but for houses with two stories, required minimum width is 1 meter. These are important as you can get a fine from your local government if you do not meet the standard requirement.

Do some research on accepted stair width first before starting any of your design plans to prevent any expensive and unnecessary remodeling.

Factor 3: Time Constraints

When building the stairs it is important to allot more than enough time to guarantee high-quality results. In most cases when the job is rushed just to meet deadlines the result is requiring a lot of rework done which will add to your expenses. Set a reasonable deadline for the project so that you and the professional metal fabricators do not have to compromise quality and safety.

Factor 4: Stair Material

Stairs can be made using several types of materials depending on your preference. Generally, stairs that are meant for use inside the house are made of wood or metal. This is because they aren’t exposed to the hard weather and other external elements meaning these materials can last longer inside. External stairs, on the other hand, are usually made with stronger and tougher materials like concrete. This ensures they will not degrade easily, even with constant exposure to harsh weather patterns.

Factor 5: Intricate Designs

Keep in mind that materials like wood and concrete are very hard to manipulate which means design options are limited. If you are the type of homeowner who wants to have control over the smallest details when it comes to decor, metal work is the best option for stairs.

Always have an open mind when it comes to planning and designing your stairs. Take extra time to discuss your different options with a trusted contractor and metal worker. With their combined input you can create the perfect stairway to heaven.

Metal fabricators such as KLK Welding can make life so much easier if you have home improvement projects. Contact us today and let’s turn your vision into reality.