The Top 7 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Screen Capture Software

When you call a customer care service, you will often get to hear that “this call may be recorded for training and quality assurance purposes”. If you think that’s just a farce, then you’re quite mistaken. Many businesses and start-ups rely on voice recordings and call recordings to monitor their employees’ performance and their conduct with both existing as well as potential customers.

However, these businesses and start-ups also run the risk of missing out on quite a few important details for missing out on monitoring their online interaction with the customers.

The 7 Reasons Your Business Will Love a Screen Capture Software

With a good screen capture software, you can record screen on Windows 10 easily. Its ability to record desktop activity plays a significant role especially for a start-up who needs to constantly check their quality and also focus on its betterment.

You can capture high quality footage of all videos, and have access to advanced video editing controls. Add to it the fact that you can record any screen activity in Windows 10, and edit and convert your videos as needed, and it’s the complete video recording and editing tool you were looking for.

Here are seven reasons why your business will love it.

  1. Creating Instructional Videos

First things first, even before you have employees working for you, interacting with the customers, and handling the company’s online presence, you need to concentrate on your start-up educating these very employees how to do a certain job or fulfil a certain task. You may have seen many OS creators and application developer like Apple, Android, Windows and Ubuntu guide their customers with a video that shows recorded and saved screen capture which puts the screen recording feature to apt use. The same could be used by your start-up to help the tech team understand their responsibilities better.

  1. Maintaining a Vigilance

Maintaining vigilance doesn’t mean tracking each and every step of your employee. It just means to up your monitoring game and includes their online activity along with recording their calls with clients and customers. Relying only on call recordings can make you miss out on a lot. By screen capture software you can keep a check on how they’re conducting online research, looking up the customer’s details, or taking details from the start-up’s policies to provide information to a client.

  1. Protecting Computer Policy

If your start-up has a computer policy, the only way to ensure that it is not being violated by the employees is to take the aid of a screen capture software.  Whether your employees are wasting time on social media or using the right means to process and use customer information.  It is only with the desktop activity recording and video recording facility of the screen capture videos that you can stay assured that your start-up’s computer policy isn’t being violated.

  1. Using The Screen Capture For Future Use

By using screen capture software, you can access your employees’ online history for future reference or training. In fact, if you use the screen capture tools to edit the screen captures, you can create a visually impactful communication medium, be it for your audience, customers, or your employees themselves. This includes creating a project plan or a storyboard for a certain project where the screen captures can be turned into a visually appealing presentation, slideshow, or a manual guide.

  1. Developing The Internal Systems

In the beginning, it is normal for start-ups to take some time to get their game up by recognizing and dealing with every internal lag. The screen capture software helps you save that precious time. How, you ask?

When you monitor employees’ online conduct, you will also get to see whether any process is taking an unnecessary amount of steps or time to finish or if there is any lag or delay in the in loading a frequently-used page. The screen capture software helps you come across these rather small but definitely significant issues which contribute to the betterment of the company in the long run. It improves customer satisfaction and profitability.

  1. HIPPA and PCI Compliance

If your start-up deals with sensitive, private information, you need to make sure that you are complying with the HIPPA and PCI rules and policies. The screen capture software blacks out and private customer information from screen captures while also recording employee performance.

  1. It Simply Saves Time

Last but not least, a screen capture software truly upholds the importance of conveying a certain message through just one picture which would perhaps have needed a hundred words. BE it in training your new employees or dealing with your new customer base, a start-up could definitely use some extra time to better themselves rather than waste it on writing presentations and guides.

Don’t think twice before investing in a great, professional screen capture software for your start-up. Its advantages are truly worth it!