The future of gaming – what’s next?

As an industry, gaming is always evolving. The technology that powers the games and the ways you play them is always developing, hence this constant progression. This has led in recent years to awesome advances in how games look and play, along with being able play games online or on your mobile phone.

It is always exciting to look ahead at where gaming might head next and what technology is poised to make the next leap forward possible.

What is next for gaming?

Making accurate predictions on where gaming may head next is always a bit tricky. Some technology we might not have even heard of yet may make the biggest splash, after all! In any case, here are some technological advances that many expect to affect gaming’s future:

  • VR casinos Virtual reality is tipped as one of the most exciting tech advances that will hit gaming soon. Although not new as such, it is only recently that the latest VR tech and applications have made sense for gaming. One specific area that VR is expected to affect is the online casino that you may choose to play at. Many believe that online casinos will use VR technology to offer a truly immersive, real-life experience that will astound. The whole gaming VR niche is predicted to bring in $40 billion by 2020, which shows just how popular this tech could be.

  • AR Along with its sister VR, augmented reality is also tipped to be a big part of gaming’s future. This will see players use the new technology to interact with games that exist in a real-world setting but with a creative twist to make it more fun. Pokémon Go is a great example of what you can expect here.

  • Voice-activated games With products like Amazon’s Alexa becoming more common now, it seems only a matter of time until greater voice controls are seen in gaming. Can you imagine how cool it would be to actually ask the dealer in a blackjack game for another card or shout for a pass on FIFA? Many think this will be possible soon.

  • Fitness gaming Many industry insiders feel that games that help you get fitter as you play are the next big thing. Cutting-edge in-game technology will allow you to follow the on-screen instructions in an interactive way to help you stay in shape while having fun at the same time.

  • Space exploration? This one does seem a bit out there, but some experts think that by 2021, gamers will be helping to explore other planets! New nanobot technology might one day allow you to pilot roving craft that will explore the planet in question as you play.

Do we know where gaming is headed?

Although it is hard to say for sure where gaming will go next, the above are areas that many expect to flourish in years to come. Along with more powerful machines to play on and more sophisticated games to play, the future of the gaming sector looks healthy. It is also highly likely that some new, innovative piece of technology will come from out of nowhere to change how we game. Although this is hard to look out for, you will know it when it happens!