The Finer Methods for the Sensual Massage

After a successful date, the lady will accompany you to your home, as she has gladly accepted your invitation to a delicious, self-mixed cocktail. 

How to start your next step with a massage now

Of course, the woman is aware of why you asked her after your date, if she still wants to come to you. However, women do not want this communicated clearly by very direct words, which is why you have promised their cocktails. For the sensual massage Adelaide service this is important.

That’s exactly what your next step looks like. A clear “Do not you want to take off your top?” is less popular with women than an invitation to a sensual massage. While kissing, make her feel like a massage by touching her shoulders and gently kneading. At some point she wants more of it.

  • After some time, position yourself behind her and start massaging her on her shoulder. Pay attention to when it feels best for her and when she enjoys it the most, because then you stop and ask her if she does not feel like having a proper massage, you still have massage oil at home.
  • For massaging with oil she has to take off her T-shirt, otherwise it will not work. Women know that they will be up without you in your presence, but this is an indirect, friendly invitation to a sensual pampering program and not a bad suggestion to get undressed quickly so that you can finally hop into bed.
  • It can be helpful for your massage technique, if you have tested it before on good friends for practice purposes, before it comes to the emergency.
  • Your friends will be honest with you and can give you feedback on what you can do to improve your massage technique.

So that you can roughly imagine how women like to be touched on the back and you massage the women and seduce easy, we give you now a few more tips.

The tips for your erotic massage to seduce women

Do not let the oil drip directly on your skin at the beginning, the cold is unpleasant. Give the oil into your hand and let it pass for a short time, so it is already warmed up and much more pleasant. First drive your flat hands over your entire back to distribute the oil.

You do not have to use any power, just stroke the entire back instead. In the end, the oil should cover the entire back with a light film. Do not interrupt your movement to continue massaging elsewhere, but gently slide over your skin the entire time.

If the oil is distributed, you can build up slight pressure, but do not press on the spine. Your pressure will increase if you put one of your hands on top of the other and continue to massage in this way. Keep your movements moving slowly and not jerky all the time.

Instead, they should glide over their backs intensively. She will relax through your massage and already get to know the sensitivity of your hands. Your touch on the back makes her think about how your touch might feel in other parts of her body.