The Family Lawyers for Smart Solutions Legally

Do you know in which category do you have the problem? This is important because you can put it in a legal field and you can start looking for a specialized lawyer in that branch. There are many law firms in Bucharest that offer you a great deal of services in various areas, but most focus on a particular specialization:

  • Commercial law: summons, recovery, bankruptcy, etc.
  • Family law: pensions, pledges, custody, paternity, divorce, etc.
  • Criminal law: criminal charges, blackmail, car accidents, rape, sexual harassment, etc.

The simplest way to figure out whether the chosen cabinet offers the desired service is to look at the website. In some cases, it would be good to call to confirm this.


An effective and simple way to find a good lawyer in the capital is to ask your knowledge or relatives who live here. This solution is the best because there is a lot of cabinet in Bucharest and throwing money in everything is not the most advantageous solution. Call your friends and ask them for advices about lawyers specializing in the issues you are looking for solving. You should go for the car accident attorneys los angeles there.

Online with references

Maybe calling a friend is not the best solution for you. Do not despair. You can search in the virtual environment because there are many offers of exceptional lawyers in Bucharest specialized in a certain field. However, it is advisable not to stop at just one option or to go on the “first seen, first liked” principle. If you visit the lawyers’ forums, you will be able to figure out who the best and most sought-after lawyers are. Customer reviews can be very good when looking for a lawyer folded to your needs. So do not hesitate to look for more options and then choose the best.

  • How do I find and choose a good lawyer?
  • Do I really need a lawyer?
  • How and when do I tell my lawyer?
  • What do I do when the lawyer does not inspire confidence?
  • What is the correct fee a lawyer may charge?

  The answer to all these questions can be found in this practical guide, which contains 12 mandatory tips to choose in order to choose a lawyer to ensure your success in your legal approaches.

  1. Ensure that the lawyer you have elected performs the profession legally. According to the legal provisions – art.1 par.2 of the Law no.  51/1995 republished, the profession of lawyer can be exercised only by the members of the county barracks belonging to the National Union of Romanian Bars (UNBR).  In order to ensure that the person you have recruited meets this quality and is not part of illegal parallel structures, such as the Constitutional Bar, whose leaders have been convicted of criminal conviction, check the Romanian Lawyers’ Chart.
  1. Search for a specialist attorney in the field you need. The law of law does not require lawyers to specialize in a field of practice, which means that any lawyer has the freedom to choose his own area of ​​specialization or, moreover, even to avoid such specialization and to try to cover all branches right.