The Best Applications for Collaborative Robots

Robots have become an integral part of our daily lives, and we can see them, literally everywhere. However, most people do not quite know some of the applications best suited for different types of robots, such as the collaborative robots. This is why factory and business owners sometimes are stuck when they need to purchase a collaborative robot. They know they want to purchase a cobot in order to automate tasks, but they are not sure which task they should automate in order to bring in the best results.

To help make this matter clearer, the experts from have come up with the best applications for collaborative robots. These applications include:

  1. Handling of materials

Material handling encompasses a host of different tasks, which would all be suitable for a collaborative robot. Such activities require a lot of flexibility and speed, two aspects that a collaborative robot is well-equipped in. some of the material handling applications that a collaborative robot can adequately handle include: picking and placing of objects on the assembly line, product testing, as well as product assembly.

In order for the collaborative robot to be able to successfully handle these variety of tasks, it is imperative that it comes with an adjustable end of tool. For instance, a gripper tool can perform a wide variety of tasks on the production floor, and it will prove very useful when you want your cobot to handle different tasks at different times.

  1. Packaging

Cobots are particularly popular when it comes to packaging tasks in factories. Packaging required speed, precision, uniformity, and regularity in order for the process to go on smoothly. For this reason, most industries are using cobots for the packaging process instead of human beings. That, and the fact that packaging is a repetitive, muscle straining task that could have serious health effects on the workers as well as hampers their productivity because they will eventually get bored.

With collaborative robots, packaging gets easier and much faster, especially if they come with easily modifiable grippers. Some even have advanced vision programs, which helps them, identify the product and determine which package is suitable for each type of product. This works well in multi-product packaging applications.

There are also cobots that are designed specifically for the packaging process. These ones are mostly used for packaging consumer goods as well as goods that are fragile. Hence, if your products fall into these two categories, it is important to search for cobot that is specifically designed for these tasks.

  1. Machine Tending

Cobots have also proved quite useful when it comes to machine tending. Majority of industries  nowadays have CNC machines, which require someone to stand by and replace raw parts once a program has been executed. Finding the right individuals with the required qualifications for this type of task can be difficult and expensive.

However, a collaborative robot can execute this task perfectly within less time, and for the fraction of the cost. In addition, machine-tending tasks are quite repetitive, which means they are not the ideal for human workers.