Taragh Bracken’s Key To A Happy Life

Happiness. It’s been researched and blogged about countless of times, and is an ongoing conversation between friends and family. In order to be happy, you must go through some trying times and overcome obstacles that you previously didn’t believe you could achieve. You must grow, never plateau, and continue to feel desired and wanted as you bring value to any relationship or organization you are a part of.

Taragh Bracken’s happiness recipe is overarching across all professions and industries, especially aligned with the relationships you’ve created to keep that divorce rate low and below the statistical average.

Millennials On The Forefront

We must first look at millennials, the bright-eyed generation that believes they can change the way things are operated due to their sheer greatness. As they enter the workforce, they have new values and propelling attitudes that lead to a happier life. Work-life balance is a tough one to come by, as certain professions like law or accounting require practically no alone time. Have you ever heard the joke that an auditor in April doesn’t see the day of light apart from the small viewpoint of their window? They are constantly in hibernation, indoors, where they are gathering and calculating the numbers together to present and prepare the final telling digits to the client.

Value and Overtime Work

When an employee is unhappy, the company will definitely falter from this down. The most important factors that cause a decline are the fact that employees feel a lack of recognition for the work, overtime and quality of time they give to their job. One needs to feel valued in order to parachute value right back at the employer. Another factor is the continuous lack of work-life balance. Especially in North America, the culture is work hard, play hard. Part of working hard is expected overtime—free hours—to the corporation who gave them their first, second or even third job. Working from home on projects is not an uncommon sighting.

Building Skills

Growth can only come when new challenges are built, and praise is instituted in the form of trainings. Only when you are learning and gaining responsibility can you feel truly appreciated. Bracken recommends employees to seek out opportunities that care about building a positive work culture and praise a job well done. It may be hard to figure this out in the beginning, but feeling like you are entrepreneurial in your own large instutition will allow you to reap endless happiness points.