Suggestions for the best excursions with dog in Switzerland

Have you packed your bags for a trip to Switzerland? Must be quite exciting, isn’t it? You may have had many trips with your family and friends. However, taking your dog as your companion on a journey raises the bar. Unlike many other countries where you can find restrictions on bringing dogs, you can find options for the best excursions with dog in Switzerland (ausflüge mit hund Schweiz). Europe is very welcoming of dogs, and so, you can have quite some fun with your canine companion while enjoying the marvels of nature in Switzerland. In the following discussion, let us explore different things which you can do with your dog on a trip to Switzerland.

Go on hiking trips

Hiking is one of the first things which you could do on the best excursions with a dog in Switzerland (ausflüge mit hund in der Schweiz). You can take your dog on jogging paths and hiking trails all over the Alps. All you have to do is follow the regulations for leashing your dog on the trails. You will find the Canton of Schwyz as the only place in Switzerland with a leash law for all public places such as hiking trails. Also, you need to be a responsible tourist and use the Robidog boxes for disposing of your pet’s droppings.

Roam freely

Another notable thing that you will find on the best trip with dog in Switzerland (ausflug mit hund Schweiz) is city hopping. Switzerland is an ideal place for taking your dog on tour in public transportation. Public transportation in Switzerland allows dogs and so make a great choice for roaming around and visiting renowned attractions. Switzerland is a nice option for taking the bus, tram, ferry or even a train with your dog and you can get day cards or travelcards there (gibts) for your convenience. Quite a rare thing to find in other countries, isn’t it?

Shopping is a great pastime

You can also go for shopping when you are in Switzerland with your dog. You can scuttle through the busy shopping districts with amazing displays. Some of the places which you would like to visit are Rue du Rhone, Place de la Rippone in Geneva or the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. You could also make the most of new and unique Swiss designs in various pretty boutique shops. Many of the stores in Switzerland allow dogs, and only the ones with food are exempted from this concern. However, you can find a post outside the store where you can tie your dog while you visit the store. That speaks a lot about the thoughtfulness of the Swiss for pets.

Don’t miss the Fondue Tram

Finally, you can have the best trip with a dog in Switzerland (Ausflug mit Hund in die Schweiz), with experience on the Fondue Tram in Zurich. You can have food as well as enjoy a good time with your furry friend. At only a half-price ticket, your pooch is always welcome on the Fondue Tram. Even if you don’t have a thing for trams, you can always enjoy a casual dining experience at many restaurants in Switzerland with your dog.

So, have a great time in Switzerland with your pooch with these tips and make sure that both of you enjoy every moment of it!