Stipend Internship Programs are Very Much in Demand

A Stipend Internship Program is a type of paid training program in which candidates can expect to receive AUD 600 to AUD 900 for their meal allowance and monthly travel. This type of internship programcan be very lucrative for a candidate so that one can receive a rich experience and also earn some decent amount. Depending upon a candidate’s work experience and requisite qualification, the amount of stipend can be fixed. This type of program can be availed by candidates who are into the Marketing, Events or HR field.

Therefore, students in these areas can easily take up this type of internship program here which can provide a boost to their career. Some other aspects related to it are also summarized below.

  • The position and duration can vary –The positions of Stipend Internship Program are spread throughout Australia and candidates can get them across the country at various locations. Academic credit can also be earned by participating in them. Moreover, the duration of these internship programs can vary from 20 to 26 weeks but if visa sponsorship is needed, then a program can be expected to be of 24 weeks or six months. Hence, it is also crucial for a candidate to apply for this program three to four months in advance so that requisite visa and available vacancies can be there.
  • The eligibility criteria of this internship – Any candidate interested in participating in this type of internship program should be between 18 to 30 years of age and must possess an upper-intermediate or advanced English language proficiency that should be equivalent to IELTS 6.0. The candidate must also be enrolled in a degree course or higher in the interested field as an internship is only provided to a related field of study. It is also essential for the candidate to provide a work experience of at least four months in Events, HR or Marketing and the candidate must be a recent graduate within a year during the time of visa submission.
  • The criteria of selection – There are a lot of opportunities in this type of internship program as many companies seek to recruit candidates. A comprehensive interview process is in place to select an ideal match by these companies and one can expect more than 7,000 companies of the country to seek their right choice. A selection is usually made by these companies depending upon their requirement and a candidate’s academic background as well as the skill set. Therefore, a prospective intern can expect to receive a lot of opportunities for this type of internship.
  • Job prospects after completion – After completing a Stipend Internship Program, a candidate can be pretty sure of getting a matching job within the country as well as in any other location globally. Industry practices are taught during the internship that can be very helpful in landing a decent job.

Stipend Internship Program is one of the most favored types of internships in Australia due to which there is a large interest for this type of program. Many overseas candidates are willing to get an opening through this internship program and that makes it all the more appealing.