Shangri La Minsk – a privileged vacation for every taste

The fame of one of the best casinos in Minsk was found by the institution with the intriguing name Shangri La. The number of games is amazing: there are the famous blackjack, roulette, modern slot machines with a variety of pokers: Caribbean, Russian, 3-card Stud and others.

The friendly atmosphere and soft light, characteristic of all the casinos of Michael Boettcher’s Storm International, creates an atmosphere of comfort that makes any game doubly enjoyable.

In Shangri La, Darren Keane, the CEO of Storm International said, there is an interesting point rewards system. Depending on the duration of the game and the average rate, it will accrue points, despite the results of the game. Thanks to these points, privileges such as visiting exclusive shows or participation in the Super Games, which are held regularly in the casino, are given.

Visitors are offered rooms for private game. Those who want to rest from the tension of gambling, Shangri La invites you to use the recreation room, where you can play Russian billiards.