Satisfy your Food Cravings in Prague with the Best Dishes of the Place

You will find many in this world who are fond of delicious food. They prefer tasting all sorts of cuisines to enjoy delicacies of every city and country. Even few channels provide us information on food of various cities. This way people all around the world, are introduced to various food and specialties. There is always one member in the family who prefer to go on food tour while enjoying vacation in a different city.

Prague is the fourteenth biggest city of Czech Republic. Even after World War II, many monuments weren’t damaged in this city thus; it remains the most important tourist spot for people. Since tourism is at its peak every year therefore, restaurants and hotels have to give their best shot by providing best food. This helps in economy and making Prague still the best place to visit. It is wise to book your food tour Prague beforehand as during season, you hardly get chance to do so.

Whenever you go on food tour in Prague you should always try these delicacies –

  • Palačinky are thin pancakes, rolled up and filled with cream, nuts, fruits or jam. If you don’t have sweet tooth then, you can always change the filling with spinach, cheese or meat.
  • Trdelník is a rolled pastry that is originated from Transylvania. You can find street stalls all over Prague where you can see this pastry rolled in wooden stick and roasted on flame, then coated with cinnamon or sugar.
  • Vepřo-knedlo-zelo is a nutritious food which includes roasted pork, dumplings and cabbage. They are all stewed and roasted well to make it a perfect savory dish.
  • Chlebíčky is an open sandwich that is served as an appetizer in parties and gatherings. It is topped with anything like pork, ham, meat, tomatoes, cheese, onion etc.
  • Guláš is a portion of stewed meat on which vegetable gravy is poured and is served with bread dumplings.
  • Smažený Sýr is sold by all street vendors which are deep fried cheese that is served with salad, bread rolls or fries.
  • Knedlíky are basically dumplings but is a traditional dish of Czech. This can either be served with meat dish or treated as sweet dish by filling it with fruit or jam.
  • Grilované Klobásy includes grilled sausages that is stuffed in a roll and provided with various sauces.

There are more dishes that can be tasted while taking a tour. Ensure that you take a guide with you who not only gives you an experience of the city but also tells you the history behind it.