Rolex watch repairing and servicing guidelines


Rolex is the watchmaking company that makes the world’s most durable watches, and it continues ticking year after year. But this does not mean that Rolex watches do not need the repairing and servicing. As an owner of the Rolex watch, to ensure that it continues the mechanical movement, ensure to take great care of the watch and get the servicing done periodically.

History of Rolex

Let us check some history of Rolex movements and highlight the notable calibres and innovations made by the company.

Rolex by now has filed around 400 patents, which by itself shows the technical innovations done by the company. The Rolex brand is famous for making the automatic mechanical movements in its watches. In 1931, Rolex invented the first self-winding mechanism with the perpetual rotor.

This structure serves as the basis of all Rolex automatic movements. It is the most self-winding watches that you may find in the world among any brands since the invention in 1948. 

In 1926, Rolex was successful in building water resistance and dust out of reach watches with the screw-down crown, screw-down case-back, and a bezel securing the acrylic crystal to the case.

Rolex in the year 2000, introduced a patented hairspring that is made in an alloy of niobium, zirconium, and oxygen; and in 2005 Rolex introduced the patented Paraflex shock absorbing system.

Rolex Servicing

According to Rolex’s own words:

”The cost will depend on the type of service required and the state of the watch. Before every service, the condition of your watch will be evaluated by Rolex-certified watchmakers and you will receive an estimate for your approval for the cost of the service procedure. Please contact your Official Rolex Retailer or Service Centre for more details.”

The primary goal of Rolex servicing is not just the movement to function but to make the watch look new again. During the servicing, any damaged or aged parts are replaced, If necessary the dial hands, bracelet, bezel insert, and so on are also replaced to give the watch a new look and are added to the Rolex service bill. 

If the watch is in excellent condition, the watchmaker will have the movement serviced and get it oiled up and ready to work for coming years.

So, be aware that an old watch with a lot of visible parts and moving parts that need to be changed will have a higher bill amount after the servicing. Though the replacement of the damaged and old parts is the part of standard servicing, you may opt not to have the parts replaced. 

The watchmaker will carefully inspect your watch to find the repairs needed and prepare the invoice that breaks down the cost of the service. The invoice will help you get the accurate picture of what every single fix costs, including any new parts that may be necessary to be replaced. Only with your approval would the watchmaker start the repair. Rolex Watch Repair Service centre assure to provide the best quality service than the watchmaker in general.