Risks Involved in Using E-liquid with Nicotine

The e-liquid is the liquid used in the e-cigarettes, a new age type of smoking commonly referred to as ‘vaping’. This liquid is man-made juice used to enable the vaporizer in the e-cigarette produce vapor which people cherish as they inhale it, typical to cigarette smoking. The e-liquid is heated in order to generate that vapor, and it is made up of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin and flavorings. Not every time is nicotine added to one of the e-liquids for e-cigs, but some people like it, so most of the time it is included in the preparation. Though it is regarded by most researchers as relatively safe compared to tobacco used in the traditional cigarettes, when used for long or when it is highly concentrated during usage,like any other thing that has to go into the body of a person and get in contact with organs, the nicotine-containing liquid subjects the user’s life to a range of risks as examined below:

  • It is likely to cause dehydration. This is because this vapor is warm and causes loss of more water moisture from the body because of that heat and this means that if it is continuously done, it will bring about dryness in some organs of the body such as dry eyes and mouth, the headache and other problems, which is generally not a healthy state to an individual.
  • It may cause breathing problems. Its interaction with the mouth, then through the airways has been eventually condemned for being responsible for cough, irritation and general discomfort in breathing because it is not naturally designed to be utilized that way.
  • It is also associated with interfering the proper functioning of the heart and the general blood circulation process. All this depends upon the strength of this nicotine as a result of the amount added to the liquid. Otherwise it may not be applicable to very low nicotine-ratio users. Therefore the non-regulated use may result into blood pressure problems, chest pain and irregular heart rate.
  • The nicotine-containing e-liquid puts the users at the risk of having their immunity genes suppressed. This is because the whole process of putting it into use this way must at a certain point involve the chemical processing and therefore this does not leave it natural which becomes negatively consequential to the body.
  • It is also risky as its usage may cause hormonal disorder within the body. This is because it interferes with most body processes and ends up upsetting certain systems’ functional power and since it not a prescribed herb to help in the body, there is where it will completely be undesirable and therefore put such a spot in trouble. Hormonal disturbances can itself cause sicknesses to the body.

All in all, much as e-cigarette smoking aided by e-liquid is looked at as a possible and better alternative to the dangerous traditional cigarette, great care must be taken by those involved in preparing to serve the customers so as to meet individual’s needs as well as guard against any likely health hazards that may be posed by the used ingredients, nicotine inclusive.