Pros and Cons Of eSports Betting

Are you thinking of a way to earn money on eSports? Are you mesmerized to know more about eSports betting before getting started? If so, then you are in the right place. This article will help you understand the pros and cons of eSports betting.

Advantages of Taking Part In eSports Betting

1. It’s an effortless way of earning money

You shouldn’t panic if you are new to eSports betting, and you are considering it as a way to start earning quick money. Do you know why? To begin with, depositing money in your account and placing bets is very easy.

Similarly, you’ll select the tournament you want to participate in depending on the event you feel comfortable with. Then, you’ll decide on how much money you can risk on available odds in the betting menu. Finally, you place the bet and wait for results.

Note that if you’re successful in your bet, then you win cash. However, the payment you get will be proportional to your bet. The more you bet the more you win if your predictions were correct. Remember that the process is simple and doesn’t take months to get used to.

2. It’s fun and entertaining

Unlike in other types of earning, for instance in employment, making money on eSports betting is fun. First of all, when you are participating in a bet, you should probably watch the event live.
For instance, if you place a bet on Dota 2 or Counter-Strike Global Offensive, you will need to watch the tournament live. And in the process, you’ll get entertained by the players.

Therefore, even if you lose in your bet, you still get a consolation price which made you entertained. Also, watching the games and having fun now and then will make you a pro on those tournaments. As a result, you gain experience in betting and start earning more often based on your experience.

3. Its reward increases in time with good sponsorship deals

It’s a known fact that sponsors like attention, popularity and money. Esports betting is increasing in popularity each day and it proved to be a multi-million-dollar business. For this reason, eSports betting is attracting the attention of many sponsors worldwide.

Remember that things get better with good sponsorship deals between the company and sponsors. To begin with, the eSports participants will benefit. Do you know how? The salaries for competitors and teams will increase. Also, rewards for bettors will rise. This means you’ll start to make huge profits with time if you’re a bettor.

Disadvantages of Taking Part In eSports Betting

1. Earning with eSports is not easy for everyone

Many people make good money from eSports betting. But you’ll be wrong to think it’s that easy. Even though you can make consistent profits, it’s somehow challenging. For starters, you must be dedicated to put your full energy and time for you to earn.

Remember that you must keep analyzing previous tournament results to be knowledgeable. Similarly, you need to research more about the teams, players, and different events now and then. With all these, then you can be sure to succeed in eSports betting.

2. Cheating and collusion is possible with untrusted betting companies

Earning money on eSports betting sometimes is challenging for some reasons. One, some gamers can conspire to fix matches and cheat in betting. For this reason, many bettors lose their money just like that. Even though an oversight agency like eSports Integrity Coalition was formed in 2006, these events still happen once in a while.

To avoid this, try to bet specifically on safe and trusted betting websites that don’t allow cheating and fixed matches. If you decide to bet on some low-quality betting website, you can be subjected to fraud.

3. Unfamiliarity with teams can make you lose

Another thing that can make you lose big in betting is the lack of familiarity with both teams and players. Remember that if you don’t know individual players, and how good they are in the game, you can lose your bet easily. eSport teams and players change much quickly than in traditional sports and sometimes it is difficult to keep track of it.

Also, if you aren’t familiar with how a specific team plays its cards, winning a bet is difficult. For this reason, you need to keep researching and analyzing various tournaments. These skills will make you knowledgeable on the best performing players and teams. The more educated you are – the higher are chances of you winning on eSports betting.

In conclusion, eSports betting is still rather undiscovered territory. Even though most of the people are unfamiliar with bets on eSports, others are earning millions of dollars on it. If you are interested in eSports betting you have to do it on a secure betting website, be educated about participating teams and be ready to spend a large portion of your time to become a true eSport betting expert.