Pre-Workout 101: 7 Essentials One Must Consider

Everyone knows we need to exercise regularly and consume the right food to stay healthy. However, sometimes you can forget why you should practice all these. A healthy lifestyle means you live longer. According to a Public Library Science Medicine report, if you exercise routinely, avoid smoking, eat a balanced diet, and drink alcohol with moderation, you’ll add 14 years to your life.

Being healthy also improves your energy and boosts your immune system. To score your wellness and health objectives, you require a solid pre-workout routine. Here are seven pre-workout pointers to maximize your workout results.

Focus on getting good sleep

Fitness experts recommend having adequate sleep to enhance your fitness. Getting enough rest restores your energy and keeps the hunger hormones in balance; thus, you won’t undo your gym efforts by overfeeding during the day. Ensure you get seven or six and half hours of adequate sleep prior to your working out. Set boundaries with your gadgets before sleeping to stop their light from robbing your sleep.

Take Water

Hydration requirements depend on elements such as gender, age, weight, workout intensity, and height. Active folks must drink 20 oz. of water before exercising. Avoid chugging water just before training since it can lead to multiple pee breaks that will disrupt your workout, and you could end up peeing more water than you retain.

Hydration is crucial in remaining comfortable, and studies indicate that hydrated individuals perform better than dehydrated athletes. Staying hydrated keeps your energy levels where they should be.

Since water requirements vary from one individual to another, aim to take ounces of water, which’s half your body weight each day.

Take a supplement

Recent research reports show that consuming pre-workout supplements is an effective and safe method for boosting your energy before workouts. Supplements such as protein powder contain fundamental ingredients that offer incredible benefits. Supplements can help alleviate fatigue and increase your concentration during workouts.

Are you thinking about a supplement for your pre-workouts? Consider your objectives and the type of workout you engage in.

Individual ingredients contained in pre-workout supplements only enhance particular aspects of your exercise performance. Some ingredients can boost power or strength, while others enhance endurance. Ensure your pre-workout supplements contain any of the following ingredients: creatine, Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, Sodium Bicarbonate, BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), or Nitrate.

Get a foam Roller

Foam rollers are among the popular fitness trends that several trainers and celebrities are talking about. Apart from its use in relieving stress therapeutically, it’s also a simple and powerful tool that offers various health merits. It boosts blood circulation, stimulates your lymphatic system to get rid of toxins, and makes your muscles feel and look suppler.

Eat wisely

Most people hit the gym on an empty stomach; however, experts advise that although working out on a full stomach is not appropriate, eating well at the proper time is crucial. An empty stomach can distract you during your workout. It’s prudent to consume easily digested carbohydrates, which assist in preventing hunger and boost your energy.

Taking oatmeal is perfect before your morning workouts. It settles well in your stomach and is a rich energy source. Consuming brown rice with chicken is also a great pre-workout combination since brown rice is slowly absorbed and is an affluent fibre source. Chicken is a suitable type of protein and lean meat. Other pre-workout foods include peanut butter sandwiches, granola bars, and yogurt.

Plan ahead

Jumping, stretching, running, and getting into specific positions requires more than your flexibility, athletic prowess, or mobility. It also entails having the right equipment for the task. For instance, you might not be wary about the sports bra you settle for your yoga; however, when running, you’ll need a high-impact option. Cladding the right sneakers for your long run means more comfort, culminating in better endurance and a more fun workout.

Before heading out, ensure your outfit complements your type of workout. Make sure you also review your exercise plan. You need to know what’s expected regarding sets, reps, rest periods, and weight to improve your workout’s efficiency.

Do warm-ups

Preparing your body for workouts is essential. An impressive warm-up will help with your blood circulation, increases the motion range, and warms up your muscles. Most fitness professionals admit that there are multiple psychological benefits to having your body prepared for exercise. The right warm-ups will also offer psychological benefits.

Create warm-up exercises that enable your muscles to mimic executed movements in your exercise routine. Start slow and gradually progress to faster warm-ups.

Do dynamic stretches; however, you should know the ideal time to stretch and which stretches suit your pre-workout. Some of the best stretches that ensure your body stays safe before the workout include the jumping jacks, quad stretch, runner’s lunge, arms stretch, and the Downward Dog.