Police Puns- You Can’t Stop Laughing At Them

Police is the law enforcement body of government in every locality or town. They are the ones responsible for your safety. Also, they make sure if any law is broken or any misconduct is made at any place and take the required steps. Every time we see a policeman around we already become extra conscious about our actions. Therefore they are the ones who are an epitome of responsibility. With their continuous work and dedication towards the protection of people and their property even on holidays, they prove themselves to be the ideal citizens.

Above all their responsibilities and dedication the fact about their humour, intelligence, and comic timing and sarcasm cannot be ignored. Police officers always fit in the best context of puns and quip.

Role of Movies and Cinema

The roles of police officers with best comic scenes have extended their popularity among the puns. Police officers are most of the time depicted as people carrying cool and funny persona with perfect comic timings. Also, their cool personality is added on with strong and powerful scene of actions. Especially the animated movies, police officers with a funny and witty sense of humour have always created a place in the heart of audiences. The famous and remarkable police officers’ characters including Jean DeWolf, James Gordon from Batman, and Marvel have always created best comic scenes. The role of these officers in movies is always a prime reason of popularity of police puns among audiences.

Some of the best Police Puns

Some of the all-time famous puns on police are:

  • Saw a hot police officer, can’t wait to commit a crime and get myself arrested.
  • Haven’t done any crime still whenever a police officer is behind, I am screwed.
  • There was a poster hung on police officer’s wall written “EAT, SLEEP, ARREST, AND REPEAT”.
  • What does a police officer ask while proposing? “Police Be Mine”.
  • What garden police is called?”Lawn and Order”.
  • If the police say Papers and I reply with Scissor, I won?
  • There is nothing scarier than having a police officer dad.
  • Which is the best song for police on Christmas?”Police Navidad”.
  • What is the full form of CSI?”Can’t Stand Idiots”.
  • A policeman drove next to a lady as she was knitting while driving and shouted: “Pull Over”. She replied smiling “No it is a scarf”.
  • What is female police playing the guitar called? “SHE RIFF”.

These are just a few of the puns on a policeman; there are many more. Police puns have always made people laugh. Read some more puns about police officers, and it will be known to you why they are so popular. Click here for police puns.