Plan Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation from flooring and walls, fixtures and plumbing, to vanities and storageis trickier than renovating other rooms.There are a lot of issues you need to consider,make a proper plan and some professional advice of House Renovations how to make the right investment, and only after thattransform the look of your bathroom.

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, check out the post right here for expert tips and advice for a bathroom renovation.

– lifestyleand a wish list

Start with evaluating your bathroom and making a list of desired changes and features that you want in your bathroom. To get inspiration and fresh ideas collect useful information – visit showrooms and various websites,scan magazines. Making your wish listdo not forget to take your lifestyle and standard of living into consideration. The other important factors to keep in mind are the people that will use the bathroom (their number,whether you have seniors, kids and pets). Choosing the materials for different elements in your bathroom, consult an expert of House Renovations.

-size of bathroom

The size of your bathroom determines what new features can be added into your space.A double vanity cannot be settled in a small space, but only a spa shower instead. Styling with multiple custom mirrors is appropriate in a big bathroom but in a limited space gain some additional storage instead.


Either for a small or a big bathroom think of the right type of storage to keep the space clutter-free and enlarge its visual appeal. Choose open shelves, wall cabinets, cubbies, drawers or armoires with shelving depending on the size of your bathroom and the style you want to make. Display or store bathroom essentials and all your toiletries in an organized manner with the right type of storage solutions.


Before you start investing calculate how much you can spend on your bathroom renovation project. It isbetter to have a fixed budget for the project whether you want toupdate a few features or to renovate from scratch. Include some extra expenses within your budget that may pop up in a result of unexpected occurrences such as rough plumbing and fixture failures, leakage, mould or drywall replacing.

Follow these suggestions and consultor hirereputedprofessionals of House Renovations planning a partial or complete renovationfor your dated bathroom.