Overview of the 3 sales tools Used in Modern Business

A CarSite.co.uk business is successful because of its sales process. Sales process contributes to the profitability of a company. Choosing a good sales tool is important for a business.

There are available 3 sales tools that boost business sales and help in marketing efforts. These tools are described as follows:-

Pipe drive

You know how important is to close a business deal of Car Leasing . You need to engage with the clients or customers properly to ensure that a deal is closed. In this context, pipe drive is a cost effective platform to manage customer relationships and it organizes the different sales processes to maximum efficiency.

Pipe drive integrates with Ringostat. What is Ringostat? It is a call tracking tool that allows the users to get calls from landing pages or advertisements. The two tools help the users to attain high efficiency allowing the business sales team to focus on the sales. The software automatically records the calls in a pipe drive dash board so that they can be analysed at a later time.

By integrating with the Ringostat Pipedrive a business benefits from the following:

  • Automated sales process while dealing with the calls
  • Customized call analytics in the sales pipeline
  • Controlled performance individual sales person
  • Access to all deals& recorded calls

Boomerang for Gmail

The app is available for free. It helps to schedule emails. It gives the user the flexibility to send or receive email messages. The app is limited to users who have Gmail accounts.


The software helps the user to find worthwhile prospects. It helps the user to prioritize them. The software does so using the Gmail contacts or messages. It does so from information built from the Office 360 account or the Gmail account. The software is used to build relationships for business purposes. It helps the users to stay in touch with important business relationships.