Online Classes VS Child Safety

In this pandemic, it is very difficult for parents to send their children any learning institute or for tuition. Because in this pandemic, students can’t go to school to continue their study and their study is suffering too much. And parents are worried about their studies. So the government decides to start online classes for the students so that their time will not be wasted and their study will continue without any issue. And because of the government’s order, school starts to give online classes to the students. In the online classes, teachers teach students which is related to their subject and the syllabus. In the online classes, many times it seems that students are unable to understand the topic which their teachers teach them. And the teachers continue to teach the students and don’t clear doubts about the students which make students annoy. To avoid it, parents start lido classes for their children. In the lido classes, their children can easily learn the things and also understand everything. With lido learning, students can clear the view about the topic and enhance their knowledge. While the students are taking their online classes, the parents can also take part in the classes, so they keep their eye on their children’s activity.

For more know about the app and the learning way of the teachers, the parents can open the link, in their device and know about them. With the lido learning app, parents can stress-free, that their children are on the right path of learning new things. And do not go on the wrong path. Parents also able to see the progress report of their children on the app. They can also add their number and e-mail address on the account they create on the lido app and get every little detail about their children learning report and how they progress and in what topics they are weak. This is very helpful to parents to know about their children and they also help them to learn and understand things. 

While online classes, some person/ companies add their ads, which is virus corrupted and if the children get access the ads/ link then it is very harmful to you because the ads are corrupted with virus then it also corrupts the device, on which your student study and crash the system. And you lost all your data from the device, for which you have to pay a big amount in many ways. So always stay with your children while online classes, so that they don’t do anything for which you have to pay. And also you know about how these types of viruses or cyber-crime reach their place of destroying everything from your system or steal all the data from the system. By staying with your children while online classes you can secure your data as well as your children from those cybercrime activities. In this way, your child will also feel secure and protected. So, keep an eye on your child during all activities.