Office Space Options You Surely Need to have Here

There are coworking spaces, incubators, living labs. Australia today has more than 500 third places. There is coworking, beyond a fashion, a true trend of substance. Even the big companies got there by adopting coworking. And with these new practices, new professions appear. Focus on that of “Coworking Space Manager”.

The space manager: a business leader

Coworking space managers are not the guardians of the place as one might think. They are at the same time responsible for the good functioning and the radiation of the space, but also take care of the business aspects. They manage the marketing of the spaces, the providers but also the surrounding partnerships as well as the collective life. Like business leaders!

The manager animates the community. He connects ideas and people, coordinates or organizes events, and communicates with entrepreneurs and organizations. In short, it creates synergies and pushes for exchanges between its members. He goes even further, by making collaborative practices emerge within his space. If you search for the near me shared office space then the options are essential there now.

What is coworking for you?

Our spaces are large, and are mainly aimed at companies of all sizes: start-ups, SMEs, project teams of large groups, and for a smaller proportion, independent. Everyone has a private office, and all benefit from shared spaces. Coworking is a bit like a roommate finally. People are looking for more than the rent division. They are there to live an experience together and enjoy the different common spaces together, and why not business does together.

How do you perceive your job?

We started by supervising the works of the upstream space, then the commercialization, and now we make sure that the space is functional on a daily basis, we treat the various demands of the coworkers, we manage the service providers who intervene on the space, there are many, we deal with the financial aspects (shopping, billing) and finally, we take care of the animation of the community. The biggest today, animation happens to be there. This is the heart of our business, to bring people together and create synergies between our occupants.

Besides that, there is a big part animation. In general, they take the form of breakfasts, or aperitifs. My role is to create synergies, to make people know each other. With Alexis, we put in place animations that bring life to the center of the day, such as dance lessons, micro nap , yoga, sports. In short, make sure that our space is more than a place of work: a place of life.

What are the qualities you need to be a space manager?

Three main qualities: to be optimistic, sociable, and know how to prioritize. Sociable, we quickly understand why! In terms of prioritizing, it’s important. Indeed, for everyone, his problem is a priority. But when you have 350 people on site, you have to know how to make choices! Finally, a primordial quality is to be reactive. You have to know how to switch from one activity to another without problems and quickly.