New emerging trends in the world of watches

Watches were first invented in 15th century where the hands of the clock were made to move with the help of gears which were made to turn by a mainspring winding. But with the emerging technology and latest trends there have been a devastating change in the making of wrist watches. People are using watches of simple construction to smart watches. Most of the people go for brands like Rolex watch. Branded watches give their customer a good repair facility and a sufficient warranty period under which they will repair your watch without any charge.

Types of watches generally liked by people

Wearing a watch depicts your personality and taste. There are various types of watches that you can opt for various occasions either to wear or to gift others.

  • Analog watch: Analog watches are so designed that they have a miniature face of clock display with generally hour hand and minute hand. Some of them also have a seconds hand too. They have either traditional digits or roman numerals written over them.
  • Digital watch: Digital watches basically show time in the form of digits. They are not having hands to calculate time as in analog watches.
  • Quartz watch:  Quartz watches work on battery which needs to be replaced from time to time. They have electronic oscillator that works due to quartz crystal. The quartz pulsates with a small frequency due to current. This frequency is broken by a circuit inside releasing a power through a motor which in turn brings the hands of the watch in motion.
  • Smart watches: As the name suggests a smart watch is smart at working. Unlike the smart phones, smart watches have touch screens supporting applications, record your heart beat etc. which other watches cannot do. They are so designed to meet the present need of the generation.

The above watches can be worn and gifted to your loved ones on their birthdays and other occasions too.