Mostly Used Water Purifier For Home In India

Water is one of the essential elements required for humans for their survival. One cannot imagine their life in the absence of water. We need water for almost every activity of our day to day life, and most importantly, we need to stay alive. Water is one such element which is required by all the living beings to experience life, be it the animals, plants, or humans. If there’s no water, there will be no life on the planet; it is the water which makes earth the only world which has the potential to sustain life on it. The human body requires an adequate proportion of water to work correctly, but one thing should always be kept in mind that all of us require healthy and clean water to drink as the contaminated water can spoil the human body with the toxicants particles present in it. To deal with the problem of contaminated water, there are various brands which have introduced excellent water purifier systems to provide their clients with clean drinking water. Let’s have a look at some of the most preferred best water purifier for home in India:

  • Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAMO1

This water purifier comes with a 6 stage water purification process. Every stage has a unique mechanism namely pre-sediment filter, then comes the carbon-filter, sediment filter, after which there is an RO membrane, and then in the next stage, there is UV lamp after which comes the post-carbon screen. The post-carbon screen comes with the assistance of Aqua taste booster, which ensures that you drink clean and safe water. It has double layer protection, both RO+UV, the RO removes the impurities, and the UV has the power to deactivate the microorganisms.

  • Kent Grand Plus

It has double layer purification capacity to remove the dust and other impurities of the water so that you get to drink safe water. It works on the process of both RO+UV membrane. It has been by certified various awards by different associations. The Kent team consists of a distinct group of technicians who are forever ready to resolve any of your problem related to your RO. It comes with one year warranty, and also you get the advantage for three years as you need not pay any service charge. The manufacturer provides you with free installation.

  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard smart plus

It is the choice of over 20 million families of India; the company has been aiming to put up the most excellent quality water purifiers for its customers from the last 35 years. You get to buy this product if you are looking for a smart water purifier which can suit both your kitchen as well as your pocket. It comes with a 6-liter storage tank. It also comes with an intelligent TDS regulator which finishes 90% of the dissolved salts. It is an ideal energy saving machine which automatically gets turned off once the water tank is filled.

  • Aquatec plus advance plus

The company has a recognized name in the list of most preferred water purifiers. The company has designed this unique model to meet the requirements of their clients and make it easy for clients to drink healthy and safe water. This water purifier comes with several advanced features so that drinking clean water becomes more convenient and easy for you. It targets to finishes all the impurities present in the water with the help of the reverse osmosis process. The company provides one year warranty on the product and also on its spares. It is one of the best water purifier used for a home in India.

  • Livpure Glo

It also works on the process of 6 stage filtration process. It has a double layer protection membrane, both RO+UV technology to move out all the unwanted particles in the water, which causes hazards to human health. It can purify up to 12 liters per hour. It has a sediment filter, activate carbon filter, silver impregnated post carbon filter, mineral cartridge, uv disinfection column, ro membrane. You get one year warranty on the product. It has a 7-liter tank. It works in a way to eliminate the odor and the bad taste of water and make it healthy and fit for drinking.

  • Blue star majesto

The mineral technology ensures that the pH balance is maintained and the water becomes safe and healthy for drinking. The Ro membrane and the UV purification help the system to pull out all the unwanted particles present in the water. The revitalizer works to restructure the molecules of water, which in turn makes the molecules biologically active. The purifier has a protect purification feature which keeps monitoring the cleaning process of water. You get one year warranty on the product. Make a smart choice and Install the best water purifier for home.