Medical Reasons that You Might Need a Surrogate

Even the biggest Hollywood stars have need for surrogates at times, so you should feel no shame if you have a medical reason to employ one. More people are using surrogacy agencies than you think, and here are just a few of the reasons why!

Risky Health Conditions

If the mother has a serious health condition such as heart disease or certain uterine malformations, having a baby may simply be too risky for her. Some women have congenital problems that completely preclude a healthy birth. In order to ensure the health of the mother and the future child, a surrogate is usually the best option in these cases.


If a couple has 12 months of unprotected sex and cannot get pregnant, most experts agree that they are prime candidates for infertility treatments, the most effective of which includes a surrogate.

Müllerian Aplasia or Müllerian Agenesis

Müllerian aplasia is the absence of a vagina and uterus in a woman. Müllerian agenesis is usually the term used for an absence of one or the other. A woman may suffer from either of these conditions because of genetic issues or because of a medical procedure such as a hysterectomy. In this case, a surrogate will serve as the replacement for the mother, although the mother’s egg may still be used.

Scarring of the Uterus

A woman may suffer from a scarred uterus because of previous surgeries, fibroids or scar tissue. Any of these conditions can prevent a woman from successfully carrying a baby to term. It is usually a good option to choose a gestational surrogate if any of these conditions apply.

Complications from Past Pregnancies

A otherwise healthy woman may need a surrogate because of problems in past pregnancies. The body of a woman changes tremendously even during a healthy birth, and it can be difficult to predict everything that happens in the future. Conditions such as toxemia or early onset preeclampsia are just a few of the diagnosed complications that can cause issues with future childbirth.

A History of Miscarriages

Not every condition can be diagnosed because of the complexity of the female body. If a woman has a history of miscarriages, it may be best to trust the birth to a surrogacy agency even if doctors do not agree on the exact cause.

The conditions above are just a few of the reasons that people from all walks of life have chosen to use a surrogate. The result for playing it safe is a healthier mother, a healthy child and a strong, happy family. It is always recommended to consult with your trusted medical professional before committing to any medical procedure this serious.