Jakarta’s Student Hostels and Backpackers Hotels

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Offering a wide range of hotels from the super deluxe to budget hotels,  Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta also has availavable student Hostel and Hotels for Backpackers and low budget accommodation for backpackers .

There are two student hostels subsidized by the provincial government of Jakarta, that are called Graha Wisata Hotels. These are located at the Taman Mini Indonesia (Indonesia in Miniature) complex, and one near the Ragunan Zoo. Each has a capacity to accommmodate between 300 to 326 students.

A room per night costs Rp. 25,000 per person for high school and university students, or Rp. 50,000 for the genral public. These youth hostels offer standard rooms for 2 to 3 persons, or dormitories accommodating between 22-24 persons.

Despite its cheap rates, standard rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, tv and connecting bathroom, as well as Wi-Fi connections.

Other facilities include meeting rooms for between 40 -150 persons which costs Rp. 200, 000 for 8 hours when used for students and Rp. 400,000 per 8 hours for the general public.

These youth hostels are often used for study tours, seminars, workshops, training classes, and are popular with schools and universities from all provinces in Indonesia, with majority co9ming from Central Java. Malaysian schools have also made use of these facilities.

The Graha Wisata Youth Hostels were built in 1974 by then charismatic Jakarta Governor Ali Sadikin,  and were located at Taman Mini, Ragunan, Kuningan and Ancol. The Ancol hostel has, however, been closed, while the Kuningan facility is presently used as Training Center for the Jakarta Province.

 In its 40 years of existence, Graha Wisata has continued to upgrade itself meeting minimum international hotel standards, renovating facilities and providing continued training for staff in hotel management and services, and the staff are all certified.

“Many of our guests keep returning to the hotel and recommend Hotel Graha Wisata to friends and relatives. Our guests also go on shopping sprees, look for culinary delights and buy tickets visiting Taman Mini and other attractions, said Isti Herdati, Head of the Graha Wisata hotels.

Unfortunately, both hostels are pretty far away from the centter of town, so that these facilities are best used for groups with available transportation, or when you want to have a group retreat to concentrate on seminars or special tasks.

The company plans to expand and build more youth hostels around Jakarta.

Jalan Jaksa Backpackers Hotels

For backpackers visiting Jakarta, low budget accommodation can be found at Jalan Jaksa , a side road off Jalan Kebon Sirih. A small and narrow road, Jalan Jaksa  is wellknown and popular with world backpackers travelling through Jakarta.

Situated south of Jakarta’s central Gambir Train Station at Merdeka Timur (East),  Jalan Jaksa has a distinct “international” aura about it since here you will also find money changers, bookstores, laundry facilities, wifi and mobile shops, bars and open restaurants with menus written in English, and of course budget hotels where most of their clientele are foreigners.

Made popular in the 1960’s, Jalan Jaksa became internationally known when it was included in the International Youth Hostel Federation with the first hotel called Wisma Delima.

In Dutch colonial days, the street was where the not so wealthy students studying in the nearby Law School  used to stay. For this reason the street became known as Jalan Jaksa, Jaksa in bahasa Indonesia meaning ”prosecutor”.

Hotels here are cheap by Jakarta standard, but facilities are adequate and the atmosphere definitely international.

Not far from here, and within walking distance you will find Jalan Sabang. This is a busy shopping street by day that transforms itself into a Food Street in the evening.

Jalan Jaksa is located along the sidestreet behind Jakarta City Hall, where the Jakarta Provincial Parliament faces Jalan Kebon Sirih. On this road are also a number of three to four star hotels as well as medium to upmarket restaurants like Penang Bistro, Shanghai Blue, Satay Senayan, and more.

Jalan Jaksa is also close to the National Monument as well as the busy Jalan Thamrin Boulevard.

Now every year in August the “Jalan Jaksa Festival” is held participated by young and old enjoyed by the entire international community sojourning here.

Get There

Taman Mini is quite a distance from the center of the city, just as is Ragunan. Located some 25 km from town Taman Mini is located in East Jakarta and is closer to the Halim Perdanakusumah Airport, which is Jakarta’s secondary airport used by a number of low cost domestic carriers.

To get to Taman Mini easiest is of course to go by car or taxi. There are public transport mini buses, popularly known as “angkot” that travel from the Cililitan terminal to Taman Mini.

Ragunan is located in the Pasar Minggu area, in South Jakarta, also some 20 km from the center of the city. Again best is to reach there by car or taxi. But today theTrans Jakarta bus, otherwise known as Busway Corridor 6 passes Ragunan.

Jalan Jaksa is reached by car or taxi from Gambir Station. The airport bus from the Soekarno-Hatta International airport also stops at Gambir Station.