Important trends in the PR industry

Industry experts will tell you Public Relations (PR) is no longer just reputation management or outreaching via traditional platforms such as newspapers, radio and television.

While these techniques are still heavily used, there are a variety of other trends that are taking off, helping businesses gain publicity in new and innovative ways.

Media release dissemination

Businesses are no longer limited to traditional media releases to announce news. Social media and online dissemination are becoming increasingly popular as a newer and faster way for businesses to pitch their stories.

Sending a media release online is also an easier way for businesses to directly pitch to journalists or collaborate with bloggers. It also allows brands to share their news across social media channels and engage with a wider and more engaged audience.

Video content

With the popularity of video channels such as YouTube, video content is another effective way for businesses to deliver their message.

The rise in the popularity of smartphones means many people now prefer to watch a video to digest information, rather than reading news articles. Shorter videos tend to gain more views and interaction, so when creating content remember – keep it brief!

Measure engagement

While the rise of social media has seen a shift in the way businesses disseminate information, it’s important we measure exactly how engaging certain content is so we can figure out the most successful way to spread our messages.

Analysing engagement, shares, comments and likes on a post can help your business reach a wider audience, as well as an audience that is more likely to be engaged with the specific content you’re producing.

Social media also allows businesses to respond to negative and positive feedback instantly – an important factor in managing reputation.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often ignored in PR, but it can be a handy tool. Finding relevant keywords and integrating them into content can boost a business’s ranking, ensuring it is featured high on a search result. People rarely click past the first page of search results, so featuring prominently in web searches will ensure a business’s continuing success.