How the Screen Capture Process Easily Takes Place in Movavi

If the user chooses the Windows or Mac version, it will take a few minutes to download the file. The subsequent installation is done quickly in just a few steps, whereupon opens a small, dark, but modern window. Due to the compact range of functions, users will find all important options right at the start window.

Your Choice

There you choose between a screen capture, meaning the capture of a video, and a screenshot creation, that is the capture of an image.

Directly below are the possibilities to repeat the last recording and edit already created recordings. Under the heading “fast recording”, in turn, links to the creation of a screenshot in full screen, a specific area or meadow a website.

The Different Parts

If the user decides to illuminate a rectangular section, a crosshair opens, with which he defines a section. When recording the entire screen, however, a snapshot is taken directly and opened in edit mode. The video and audio function works just as smoothly. Here, however, an additional window with various controls appears, in which users can set up, among other things, a webcam. Although the audio quality is already high in the lowest setting, if that is not enough, it adjusts accordingly in the settings.

The Effects

Although the effects during the video capture are not extensive, they contain the most important options. For example, users may highlight the cursor or mouse clicks with a particular color to alert them to something specific in the video. After completing the recording, the file opens here in the editing window. In this way, users prepare educational videos with sound, program presentations, and content for a video blog. Even recording Skype calls or online radios is no problem for Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

The Editing Options for You

The editing options of screenshots are equally exhaustive for Movavi for image and video files. Here the eye- catching user interface stands out in the eye, which gives a clear overall picture despite the numerous menu items. With tools like a brush, arrows, lines, borders, markers and text elements, users are well served. In addition, the different tools can be set in more detail again. Accordingly, users can, for example, in the brush determine its size, softness, opacity and color.

The additional window offers many options for editing the captured screenshot with Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

Using the handy tools not only unnecessary segments of image files, but even remove annoying ads in videos. Unfortunately, the file cannot be processed in other programs, such as Photoshop.

With Movavi screen capture video, users can choose from a wide variety of file formats, including conventional formats and the Movavi Screen Capture Studio offers  16 additional options , including seven image and graphics formats, and more nine audio and video formats. The only drawback is the lack of GIF format, so users can not create animated GIF files. Interested parties can find a detailed list of supported formats on the homepage:

Additional controls make it easier to work with Movavi Screen Capture Studio.