How Gaming Has Benefitted From The Rise Of Technology

Gaming and technology are two industries that go hand-in-hand as both are able to benefit from each other as neither would be able to survive without the use of each other, especially gaming. Due to this, gaming has since benefitted from the rapid rise in advances in technology in recent time and below we look at just how it has benefitted from technology.

First of all, the technology now that the gaming industry is able to us to create industry leading consoles and gaming system is highly impressed compared to what it was just a couple decades ago. The graphic, performance and all-round user-interfaces on the latest consoles including PS5 and Xbox Series X is quite incredible and further shows just how impressive the gaming industry has become. Only a two decades ago we weren’t able to gamble online and now we can play with anyone, any time and even cross-platform between consoles.

Furthermore, the new pieces of technology that have been used within the gaming industry is so impressive with first motion gaming on the Xbox Kinect where gamers would use a video camera and the motion of their body would control the game with was revolutionary at the time. In more recent years, the use of Virtual Reality where gamers where a headset to ‘live’ in the game and feel like they are actually in the game is ground-breaking and is only just starting to take off in the gaming world so expect more to come here.

Many consumers now are so reliant on their smartphones that we need them throughout our everyday lives and due to this and the performance that smartphones can deliver has opened up the mobile gaming market which is now the fastest growing sub-sector in the industry. Mobile games are easier and cheaper to develop and due to the market being so broad as everyone has a smartphone, there is certainly a mobile game for everyone out there.

Another industry that has benefitted from the mobile gaming surge is the online casino world, you can find a list here at, which has also seen a surge in numbers as many gamblers are now using their phone as their primary way of trying to create a profit. These particular casinos have benefitted as they are able to offer the widest range of your favourite casino games online as well as a host of lucrative promotional deals to enhance your gambling experience.