How Does The Launch Of Slack Connect Affect NYSE: WORK Stock?


Slack Technologies Inc.

This is a company engaged in providing slack, a tool for team communication. The slack allows users to have their team meetings in open channels or to make channels for a topic, team, projects, and create private channels and team members can be invited to that. Slack archives and indexes messages, files, and notifications. It allows the developers to develop applications for a bot user interface, notifications, and slash commands. It’s APIs (Application Program Interfaces) can be used in conjunction with every other to build different slack applications or it can be used alone. The API uses the object-driven scope system of slack to control access to events.


The NYSE: WORK stock at is having a quite high volume and investors are interested in trading in it. The stock price is 33.65 with a high estimate of 45.00 and a low estimate of 12.00. From a large team of analysts, only 4.35% of them suggest to sell the stock, 8.7% believe the stock to be underperforming, 34.78% people suggest to both hold the stock and to buy it. 17.39% of the analysts believe investors should strongly invest in these stocks. The conclusion drawn is that one should consider buying these stocks.


NYSE stands for New York Stock Exchange. It is nicknamed as The Big Board. It is a stock exchange located in Wall Street, New York City, New York. It is currently the largest stock exchange if we see the market capitalization. The total market capitalization of its listings is 30.1 Trillion US dollars. The average daily trading value was 169 Billion US dollars in 2013. Its trading floor is located at 11 Wall Street and has a total of 21 rooms. Another trading room in 30 Board Street was closed in 2007.

Will Slack’s new tools shore up its defenses against Microsoft?

Slack Technologies is known mainly for connecting employees who work together. Generally, people of a company. Recently, they introduced the slack connect that allows companies to connect in real-time to external partners.

Slack was developing Slack Connect for over four years. Over a million users have tried it along with some famous firms without any major problem. It was launched on June 24. It has paid plans only.

The app allows up to 20 firms to connect with each other’s employees in apps, chats, and other integrated services in shared channels. The company believes that the app will replace the emails. They have a bold plan for the future and believe in their app with trading option. Since the launch of the app, NYSE: WORK stock has been rising. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.