How Dating Has Changed Over the Years

The younger generation, as if by a rule, always thinks they know everything. As generations change, this fact remains the same. The young folks are full of life and think they get how the world works, and the older guys are aware of the fact that the youngsters know nothing.

At the same time, different decades brought different trends with them. How people back in the 50s used to date is not unthinkable. Everything’s changed, from the way it is done, to the burden it carries.

Even this last decade brought so many changes that you can’t recognize the ways people used to do it in the 2000s and today. The main reason for this is technology, but other factors got their hands on it too.

What’s different?

How about – everything? From the mentality, through technological advancements making it so easy to meet new people, to how many of them are now ready to mingle in their later years? Some 50 years ago, it was almost unthinkable for people in their 40s to date.

The reason for this is that folks were mainly conservative, but there were also a lot fewer people available for it. There were almost no divorces compared to today, so people didn’t have much choice. Today, the rate of divorce in the USA is around 50%.

It’s not a huge spike of divorces than it was before, it’s declining in the last decade, but the catch is the number of marriages. This one is also down, so there are a lot more people who are single at an age when most of them used to be married back in the day. Learn more about it here.

That makes the whole difference. We can date even though we’re slightly older than the category in which most people are doing it.

It is more liberal today

Another crucial issue is the liberal approach toward dating today. People are not afraid, nor ashamed to go out there and meet someone to fill in their life. The younger generations are experimenting a lot with their sexuality, and the older ones are no longer afraid of judgment from the community.

This all leads to more dating. With the options people have these days, it’s easy to find someone interesting and someone that will enjoy life as they are.

There are however difficulties making the entire thing impossible from time to time. With the changing times came the freedom of being a single parent. That means taking care of the children and having the option of living a life of freedom. This freedom provides endless options and dating is one of them.

Still, it’s not easy to date other people while you have children and you’re a single parent. A lot of duties and responsibilities fall on your shoulders and you need to deal with them before you’re ready to go out there. You can’t just leave your kids at home alone while you’re for a party.

However, with some preparations and strategic planning, everything’s possible. You can have a look at this excellent article from Parenting Healthy and learn more about dating when you have kids at home.

Technology changed the game forever

There’s no point in dating if there isn’t physical contact in the end. There’s no doubt about that. However, meeting new people and getting to know each other until you reach a particular point in your relationship can be done online today.

This was unimaginable to the generations of the past, but now, it’s evident that this is a great way to learn a lot about someone without even having to meet them in person.

There are tons of apps that provide socializing and meeting new people. There are also specialized websites that provide strictly dating and are made for those who are not about to waste time on people downloading apps for fun.

Some of the most popular apps and websites today for dating are Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Match, but also social networks like Facebook and Instagram are helping people get together. Everyone enjoys the possibility to see what others share, what are their interests, how they behave when getting in conversations, and all these things matter for the potential partner.

Scamming and lies

Just like all inventions in the history of the World, this one too took a turn that was not expected. Lots of apps that were made for strictly socializing are now turned into dating apps by accident. How? By taking advantage of their features.

We mentioned Instagram. This is an app that provides tons of filters that make images distorted from reality. It is capable to do so much, and people take advantage of it. They make themselves more beautiful than they are, and this tricks others to think they are something they’re not.

With it, the dating game on the internet is ruined. If they lie about themselves from the very start, it means that their relationships have no future.

Another bad thing about dating apps is scams. Some dating apps and webpages ask the users to upgrade to a higher level so they can get access to others who are happy to date them. What they don’t know is that these pages provide paid people to keep them company and lie to them.

Paid chat-workers lie that they are interested in the other party just to get money out of them. They never meet, but the clients of the dating pages gain an illusion that they are being loved and wanted.


It seems like dating has taken a turn that will get it right back to its beginning. If the apps and webpages providing services of this kind don’t stand together and try to do something about the problem we mentioned, it seems like everything will go back to where it started – meeting people strictly in person.

It may seem strange for Gen Z guys and girls who are just starting to date, but they’ll get used to it just like the older generations have used to online dating.