Holiday Shopping Online: 7 Most Popular Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Shopping for your family and friends during the Christmas holiday season is no piece of cake. Whether you’re looking to leave a great impression or simply want to make their holiday extra special, you should definitely put thought on the things you give.

Fortunately, the Internet has made it easier to shop for gifts. With plenty of online shopping platforms and websites to choose from, the only dilemma you’ll have is deciding what to buy.

To solve this issue, you have two possible options: determine what gift the receiver  would like  or go for the most popular choice. If you choose the latter, then you’re in luck. Here are seven favorite gift ideas for men and women:

Top Gifts for Her

It’s no secret that giving a woman a present can be challenging and mind bending. To help you out, here are some gift ideas that worked well in making moms, girlfriends, or wives happy on Christmas day:

1.    Bags

There are a couple of safe choices when it comes to buying ladies’ bags as a gift for the lovely women in your life  . A fantastic choice that fits all her essentials while looking  fashionable, for example, is the lightweight, medium-sized crossbody bag embellished with a tassel.

2.    Clothes

Clothing is probably the most obvious choice if you’re choosing a gift for a lady who likes to stay fashionable. When shopping for clothes online, it is important to remember the best practices in picking a style, size, and seller.

Keep in mind that the size chart offered by e-commerce websites and traders in online shopping platforms are there for a reason. Since you don’t have the luxury of having the clothing fitted before paying for it, be sure to compare her measurements with that of the size chart. This will help you avoid the hassle of returning a wrong sized item and asking for a replacement.

3.    Beauty Essentials

Every woman has her own unique preference when it comes to makeup products, so you might want to determine what she wants first before buying. Incase you don’t have time or access to the kind of beauty essentials she likes, you can go with some safe choices like beauty enhancement devices.

One good example of this is the one-step hair dryer and volumizer brush. This innovative oval-shaped hair care device is a must-have for women with medium-length to long hair. After you give her this, she should be able to stay on fleek all the time as it combines the power of a round brush and paddle brush with that of a blow dryer.

4.    Books

Statistics show that women read more books than men, so literature will probably save you if you still haven’t found that special gift for your mom or favorite aunt.

Shopping online for books is a piece of cake as most brick-and-mortar bookstores already have their own e-commerce websites. On top of that, you also have access to classics and rare titles with thousands of secondhand books already being sold online.

Top Gifts for Him

Although some might think that choosing a Christmas gift for men is much easier than women, many people would disagree. Either way, here are several ideas for choosing a present for that special man in your life:

5.    Clothes

Again, this is an obvious choice, especially for guys who aren’t very keen on wearing accessories. When buying men’s clothes online, you must also use the size chart as a reference to make sure that the person you’re giving the gift to is comfortable in your gift.

6.    Car Accessories

Although scientific data may be limited regarding a recent trend, there seems to be a growing number of men who are into car accessories. Of course, you have to make sure that the item you buy works well with the vehicle he has.

Below are some of the items you can gift wrap for Christmas under this category:

  • Dash Cam
  • Safety hammer escape tool
  • Suction grip mount for mobile devices
  • Magnetic phone holders
  • Mobile charging car adapter
  • Carjack
  • Detachable cup holder

7.    Bags

Although bags are quite famous as a gift item for both sexes, there’s a huge difference in the kinds of bags men want compared to women. Ladies often go for designer bags that are every bit as stylish as they are. For men, your best choice for bags are backpacks that have plenty of pockets for their gears.

The bottom line is that you must pick a type of bag that will fit the person’s taste and specific lifestyle.

For example, if you’re gifting someone who is always on-the-go but still brings his work around, choose a travel backpack complete with a laptop compartment that has been padded to protect the device from bumps.

Before the Checkout

Shopping online has its benefits, but it may also be filled with pitfalls that can make buying Christmas gifts a hassle than what it’s worth. To make sure your gift-giving quest isn’t marred by untoward incidents, remember to stay vigilant when buying stuff online.


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