Grab the Glo Meditation App to Enhance Your Online Yoga Practice

Grab the Glo Meditation App to Enhance Your Online Yoga Practice

Once you experience the simplicity and convenience of attending an online yoga class, you will probably want a way to learn more and a way to enhance your abilities. You can do that through meditation.

Just as you take classes in yoga online, you can take courses in meditation online. Glo offers more than 500 meditation classes. You can study with some of the world’s best teachers from any Internet-enabled location.

Benefits of Meditation

Many people confuse the goal of meditation. They think that it is meant to empty their mind. It actually trains your mind and focuses your awareness. You focus on the single thought of your mantra chant to guide your own mind.

Some meditation includes guided visualization for a variety of goals. Some may want to reduce stress; others may want to visualize themselves executing a sports maneuver or routine while others may want to explore their thoughts more deeply. Whatever reason you want to try meditation, Glo can help with it.

Learn via Meditation Videos

Glo offers meditation videos chocked full of in-depth visuals and guidance from experienced instructors. The meditation app lets you take these audio meditations with you anywhere. The app lets you download classes, so you can listen offline. That lets you take your meditations into nature, if you desire. You can use the app whether you are at the beginner level or you have meditated for years. Glo offers both audio and visual mediations for every level of experience. You can find a wide variety of classes and meditations, too.

If you are new to meditation and concerned that it will eat up too much of your time, stop worrying. You only need five minutes per day to meditate.

The entry-level “Kick Your Day Off on the Right Foot” hosted by Tiffany Cruikshank takes only five minutes of your time. Each day’s guided meditation helps you recognize the potential of the day ahead. Another five minute per day class, “Miracle Meditation” with Elena Brower, helps you focus your energy and gain perspective to recognize everyday miracles.

Once you feel ready to devote more time to a daily meditation, try the 20-minute-long “Yoga Nidra for Emotional Balance” with Jo Tastula. This explores the emotions with which we most strongly identify and integrates them into the meditation. This meditation combines breathing exercises and savasana position.

You can use meditation to help address problems like insomnia. The 30-minute “Reclined Relaxation for Sound Sleep” with Felicia Tomasko provides an audio meditation that lets you easily transition into a good night’s sleep.

Getting Started with Meditation Online

Glo does not expect you to join without trying the service first. You can try Glo meditation for two weeks risk free. Use meditation to improve your life. Start your 15-day free trial today.