Follow The No Sugar Diet That Will Create A Miracle On Your Health

Sugar is one of the worst things that can work as barriers in your desire of getting zero sized. Yes, it is observed by all the personal trainer of Springfield that no sugar in diet will give you a better result in comparison to a diet full of sugar.

If you work hard to get fit and eat a cake or doughnut on the other hand then all your hard work will go in the bin. Don’t follow a restrictive diet but just cut the sugar intake from your diet. Don’t eat sweets, drink cold drinks.

But, before opting this you should also make sure not to entirely cut sugar because it could also create some issue. The best kinds of diet are the ones you use and then modify based on your comfort zone from time to time.

Bring these 7 days plan into your regime and see the change

Follow the 7 golden rules from Day 1 to Day 3:

  1. No desserts, fruit and sugar in drinks.
  2. No juices, no squashes or diet colas.
  3. Drink tea, coffee without adding sugar.
  4. Avoid brown sauce, Chinese-type sweet and sour sauces.
  5. Eat a meal full of meat, fish and eggs.
  6. You are allowed to eat a carbohydrate breakfast of unsweetened cereal.
  7. Portions must be small – after seven mouthfuls, stop eating.

Add a little fancy from Day 4 to Day 7 in your diet: Unlike, three days, in this time you can have some fruit salad, yoghurt or fromage frais.

Meanwhile, one day or week you can have1-2 glasses of alcohol and one sweet treat e.g. 2 biscuits, a small slice of cake. But, take care of the portion otherwise it helps ruin your entire hard work of losing a pound.