Fine-Tuning Your Floor Scrubber And Cleaning Equipment Needs

Do you need to clean a warehouse, scrub down hallways, or handle other large floor-cleaning tasks? Floor scrubbers make quick work of most floor cleaning and pre-polishing tasks, but getting the latest and greatest model can be as expensive as buying a new vehicle–in fact, some business fleet vehicles are cheaper. In comes the used floor scrubber for sale!

A used floor scrubber is a better option for businesses that need to be more careful about their budget, and it’s fine for anyone who just needs a system that can do the job without breaking the job. You need to know about different features to find the right type of floor scrubber, and a few of these details can help you figure out what you need.

Interchangeable Heads

Many people who need floor scrubbers may need something else to follow up. You’ll either be deep-lathering a gritty surface before cleaning, or stripping old wax before cleaning and applying a new coat of wax in the same day.

A versatile floor scrubber kit is what you need, but which parts do you need? Does your model still have replacement heads on the market, or is it an old and outdated system with proprietary attachments? Can you use a standard cleaning head attachment? Are there adapters available for your model?

All of these questions need to be asked, especially when dealing with decades-old or the latest year’s models. You’ll either be dealing with a system that’s too old to upgrade or a system with new, overpriced attachments.

Cleaning Area And Portability

There are a lot of different scrubber sizes between the handheld variety and scrubber vehicles meant to clean large warehouse shopping center floors. It all depends on the amount of area that needs to be covered at once, along with the investment cost and storage concerns.

If you’re handling a small office or a building less than 1000 square feet, a standard vacuum cleaner-sized floor scrubber should be fine. Choosing between the slimmest, stick-style scrubbers and a more powerful push scrubber can mean the difference between easy storage with quick maneuverability or wide, powerful scrubbing.

When looking for larger, industrial scrubbers, keep in mind that you will need a liquid fuel source or a way to maintain batteries in most cases. Scrubber vehicles will need a safe place for storage, maintenance, and refueling to keep your investment in good shape.

If you’re looking for a used floor scrubber for sale, be sure ask about the service manual. Although many models will have manuals available on the internet, there’s always a chance that a storage server or company website will close in the coming years. Someone on the vast internet may have a copy, but it can be hard to find if it’s not stored with the right title or related terms.

Contact a floor scrubber and general cleaning equipment professional to find the right fit for your cleaning needs.