Experiencing London (Like the Locals Do)

Did you know over 19 million tourists visit London every year? The population of London is only 9 million, a staggering difference from the hordes of tourists visiting annually. As with any popular destination, the locals bypass the tourist traps. In this article, we’re going to outline how to experience London like a local.

First, identify tourist traps. All traps have a few things in common: they’re overcrowded, overpriced and underwhelming. There are better things to do in London than stand in a queue (despite being inherently British). A search for things to do in London gives us a rough idea of what’s popular. Scrutinize the top sellers heavily – give the London Eye and bus tours a miss to avoid crowds of tourists. A much more engaging activity is further down the list; a pub crawl – you can’t get more British than that.

Next, make a rough plan. Check the latest London blogs for some upcoming events and activities. Take the tube and allow yourself extra time to get a little lost on your journey. London is a big place with many hidden gems for foodies, coffee lovers and adventurers. Take the less trodden streets to find a restaurant of every single cuisine possible.

Experiencing London without the clutter of tourism means avoiding expensive accommodation. One solution to expensive hotels is to rent a serviced apartment. Apart Hotels London offer serviced apartments as an alternative to hotels, fitted with enough amenities for short or long stays. This way you can cook your meals instead of eating out every day. These apartments are competitively priced, located and offer more space than hotels. It’s like living at home away from home.

London’s markets are enjoyed by tourists and residents alike, offering anything you can imagine and more. Wander the stalls of Covent Garden Market, or Camden Market or walk the streets of Brick Lane Market and Broadway Market. All manner of things you never knew you wanted can be found perusing the local artists, farmers and craft shops.

British holidays are something that everyone can enjoy. Bonfire Night on the 5th of November commemorates the failed actions of Guy Fawkes with giant bonfires and fireworks displays. The event is a nationwide holiday that fills the skylines of the country with light. London is lit up with festive lights for the winter holidays, resulting in beautifully lit streets and riversides. Ice rinks are a popular attraction during this time of year. Finally, the country flocks to the capital every year to witness the New Year’s display over the River Thames. Britain also partakes in Black Friday, which includes the aforementioned markets.