Do All of Us Need Health Insurance?

While a large number of people are convinced that taking home or car insurance is a great idea, they aren’t sure if Health Insurance should be giventhe same priority? Let’s explore how taking a good health insurance plan could be the wisest decision in the long run.

What is the Need for the Suitable Health Insurance Plan?

Protecting oneself and the family against the unexpected health emergencies is the primary concern of every individual. Health insurance, also known as private medical insurance, is a concept designed to ensure that you don’t end up paying the huge cost if you or your family need medical treatment in future for any reason.

Health insurance products act as a great tool to help lower the risk of being burdened by the incredible expenses for preventive care or medical bills as a result of a sudden illness or an accident

Below are Some of the Benefits of This:-

  1. a) Health Insurance will pay all or some of your bills depending on the plan or the coverage you decide to choose. Furthermore, the health insurance also gives you the freedom to choose from the list of the private hospital network from an agreed list provided by your insurer to make the process of treatment extremely convenient and hassle-free.
  2. b) Health Insurance also allows you the benefit to get diagnosed and treated quickly as per your convenience along with offering a prompt referral to a specialist or consultant and admission to a private hospital
  3. c) Availing a suitable Health insurance plan offers an array of other benefits to the policyholder such as exclusive drugs, scans and surgical procedures, hospital stays, scans.

Liabilities Covered By A Good Health Insurance

It is important to realize that availing best health insurance plan is must to ensure the safety & security of loved ones. However, extreme care and precaution need to be taken while choosing the health insurance plans for a family. Below is the ready checklist which helps in deciding the suitable health insurance plan-

  1. a) Thorough need assessments should be done before proceeding to buy the health insurance plan.
  2. b) It is wise to compare the policy and understand the terms & conditions before you buy. There are some that may cover accidents whereas some may not. Some plans may exclude the terminal/critical illnesses while others may not.

At, you can access a wide range of best health insurance plans from different service providers including HDFC Ergo, Max Bupa, Bharti Axa, and many more.

There are a variety of health insurance plans one can choose from based on the budget and the levels of coverage. Among the liabilities covered by a good health insurance plan include-

  1. Prescription drugs required to treat a chronic or serious health condition
  2. Emergency hospital room and ambulance services cost
  3. Any kind of urgent care services and physical therapy cost
  4. Emergency medical needs of any kind
  5. Medical equipment cost to assist with the individual’s mobility

Best Insurance Plans In The Market

Availability of various options often makes the choice of good health insurance plans difficult. Some of the best insurance plans in the market based on policy features, coverage, premium, and other such essential parameters include-

1. Smart Health Plan & Smart Super Health Plan from Bharti AXA health insurance

Features of the plan

-The plan covers 20 critical illnesses

-Offers double the sum insured for all critical illnesses

-Excellent restoration & maternity benefits in the super health plan

2. Health Suraksha Plan from HDFC ERGO Health Insurance

Features of the plan

-Availability of Individual & family floater

-Plans with ECB features

3. Optima Restore Family from Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Features of the plan

-Excellent Restore Benefits

-The benefit of Domiciliary Hospitalization

4. Heartbeat Plan (Gold, Platinum & Silver) from Max Bupa Health Insurance

Features of the plan

-The benefit of domiciliary hospitalization

-Several Childcare and Maternity benefits

5. Lifeline Supreme from Royal Sundaram Health Insurance

Features of the plan

-The benefit of domiciliary hospitalization

-The advantage of emergency domestic evacuation cover

Last Thoughts

Considering the uncertainties of the present times when the medical inflation rates are so high, not having an adequate health cover can be very costly for anyone. Availing the services of quality healthcare insurance service provider helps in overcoming cost barrier especially for the families and individuals who do not have a mediclaim hospitalization facility from the employer. is an ideal place to access a range of best health insurance plans from different service providers based on individual needs.