Cleanliness is maintained with the best Floor Buffers

 If you are not a fan of gorgeous carpets rather prefer to see the glowing floors in your home. Then you cannot avoid the best floor buffer for home use. If you do not show interest in the floor buffers, then gradually the floor would lose the brightness. Throwing parties can be a real harassment if the floors of your home do not display the brightness. On the contrary, calling the guest would not matter if you regularly use floor buffers to retain the cleanliness of the floors.

Buying Consideration

While buying the best floor buffers you need focus on certain points. The Power that is required to clean the floor is very vital. So you need to decide whether you require 2HP or 1HP floor buffer. The floor type and area must be considered before getting the machine. Next comes the foot traffic that means how many people can expect on that floor.

Common Mistake

The interiors of your house can be a major issue while choosing the size of the pad attached to the floor buffers. If there are lots of small spaces, then a 20-inch pad can be a big problem in using the floor buffer in your home.

Best 3 products

Today your shine of floors does not fade with time as you can keep the brightness with some excellent floor buffers. Let us see some of them.

  1. Mercury Floor Machine High-Speed Buffer: This is a high-speed 1.5HP Burnisher. The manufactured have ensured consistent cleaning throughout.


  • High powered and is designed with all metal precision balanced chassis with an interlocking safety switch.


  • Quite costly and requires professional maintenance.
  1. Ewbank EP170 Lightweight Floor Polisher: The machine is very compact and simple to use. Even the most awkward places can be cleaned.


  • Suitable for any floor including vinyl, wood, laminate and of course granite and marble.


  • Not an ideal choice for commercial sectors.
  1. Koblenz P-1800 Rug Shampooer and Floor Polisher: This is an ideal selection for those who want clean both floors and carpets.


  • By this, you can do scrubbing, polishing, buffing, waxing, and shampooing of your floor and carpets.


  • Fits only for domestic use.

So far we were evaluating the various factors for an ideal purchase of floor buffers. Hope it would help you in your purchase of the device.