Best Places to Visit in Greece for Honeymoon

Love is what the people of Greece breathe. Every place is so surreal, cozy, optimistic and filled with romance. Honeymoon in this country is a dreamy world that everything a couple wants to have during the most special days of their newly married life.

Laze around on the fine sand, swim in the warm crystal blue water, relax on the sunbeds, and spend the most private moments with your partner in affordable homes from rent in Greece is the best way possible. Having said that, choosing the best places can be really tough, especially in a country that’s known for its serenity and beauty. So here’s a list of best places to visit for a honeymoon that are so romantic that you would want to live here forever.

Santorini, Greece

Officially called Thera, Santorini is popular for being one of the best Greek islands for couples. Before the name Santorini, it was called Kallist meaning “the most beautiful one”. This island is actually a cluster of islands formed by a catastrophic volcanic eruption happened centuries ago.

Santorini is an island surrounded by deep blue splendid seas, high cliffs, and beaches filled with all colorful sands. A combination of blue, sunny skies of summer, and vineyards dotting Santorini island, and you get a perfect romantic place and the sheer joy of living. This island is also an awesome gastronomical experience.

Nafplio, Greece

Nafplio is one of the most amazing cities in Greece and is located in eastern Peloponnese. It is rich in mythology and history, it is said that this island was founded by the son of Sea God Poseidon. Nafplio boasts is ancient walls, monuments, statues, medieval castles, Ottoman fountains and Venetian or neoclassical buildings.

You can take a romantic walk along the Arvanitia Promenade or go for a relaxing swim on the beaches of Miloi, Kiveri, Nea Kios, Karathanos, and Arvanitia. Nafplio can be reached by bus or car and is approximately 94 km away from Athens.

Some of the famous landmarks here include Palamidi Castle, Syntagma Square, Akronafplia, Bourtzi, the small Venetian fortress.


Known as the Castle Town, Monemvasia is an island with an interesting origin story. It was carved out of the back of a single rock, and this wall prevents intruders. Today it is now connected by land before the island could only be reached by boats.

It is a romantic place with tons of great views. Its main attraction is the huge Byzantine fortress and is the reason why the town is called Castle Town. The architecture of the city’s buildings has a lot of influence from different cultures such as Byzantine, Frankish, Venetian and Ottoman cultures, and this diversity adds charm to this beautiful island.

Some of the famous tourist destinations here that you should visit here include The fortress, Kastania Cave, The church of Agia Sophia, and Christos Elkomenos Square.


One of the best islands to spend the honeymoon is the Spetses, with long romantic walks and rides in horse-drawn carriages is the best way to spend your special moments. The main means of transportation are horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, mopeds, walking, and motorcycles, as no private vehicles are allowed on the roads.

Spetses is amazingly beautiful and rich in history. Its naval history is so popular here and every September, the people of Spetses enact “Amarta”, a naval battle. Many of the big athletic events are also held here annually. Indulge in watersports and relax to its beautiful beaches.

Some of the famous landmarks here are The House of Hatzigiannis Mexis and Bouboulina, Armata Festival, Cathedral of Ayios Nikolaos, and Spetses extraordinary beaches.

Rhodes Island

Another Greece’s popular honeymoon destination, Rhodes Island will always be covered in sunshine and nothing makes a perfect honeymoon with blue seas and skies that lit up by the enjoyable sunlight. Its beaches are truly stunning, uninterrupted streams of smooth, fine sands and crystal clear waters.

The villages and towns in Rhodes Island are able to blend its own tradition and modernity in the most amazing way. With its historical landmarks and extraordinary architecture, Rhodes Island is an important island in Greek history and still keeping its medieval air. Dating back to the 7th century, The Palace of the Grand Master is one of the popular sites and going into the cobblestoned Street of the Knights is surely take you back by centuries.

Some of the famous tourist attractions to visit here are the Archangelos, Mt. Ataviros, The Palace of the Grand Master and the Ancient City of Lindos.


Third biggest island in Greek islands, Lesbos is one of the best Greek islands for honeymooners and is known for its untouched beauty. There’s a strict regulation around tourism in this island that has helped Lesbos preserve its ecosystem. Its extraordinary beaches, the diverse flora and fauna, and the olive gardens of the island of Lesbos continue to entice tons of tourists to visit this beautiful island.

Your honeymoon vacation on this island wouldn’t complete without visiting the unique forest covering the Sigri-Eressos-Antissa area. Due to volcanic activity 15-20 million years ago, the entire forest was petrified and is now a natural monument.

Some of the famous landmarks you should visit here are the West Lesbos’ Petrified Forest, Church of Panagia, Glykofilousa in Petra, Castle of Molyvos and Village of Agiasos.


In terms of tourism, Naxos is an unknown Greek island but it is one of the best islands in Greece for honeymooners. This island continues its old-world vibe because of its undisturbed nature and is very appealing to those who want to explore Greece in its local and non-touristic aspect.

Naxos is filled with agricultural activity and calm beaches. You’ll also find Venetian castles and old monasteries around the island. Some of the famous landmarks here are the Temples of Apollo and Demter, Vallindras Distillery, and Kastro.