Basic characteristics and benefits of HR internship programs

The Human Resource Internship is an integral part of all kinds of MSHR and MBA courses. Different students have different requirements as far as an internship program is concerned. Where some students give priority to paid HR internships, others may give learning more importance. However, the basic criteria and characteristics of various kinds of internship remain the same.Find human resources internships from Premium Graduate Placements.

Basic features of Human Resource Internship

The duration of most of the MBA/MSHR internship is around 6-12 weeks. During this tenure, students are exposed to the real corporate world. They learn various new skills and gain work experience. In most of the HR related internships, students learn about the administrative functioning of the company. In most of the HR internships, the students perform clerical jobs and also help management executives in planning employee benefits, payments, and recruitments. HR internship also provides an opportunity to the interns to build up their own network. A good intern will try to make the full utilization of the internship period by gathering knowledge and learning new concepts and skills.


Internships turn out to be a win-win situation for both employees as well as employers. At one hand the trainees gain work experience from HR internships, and on the other hand, the work done by them turns out to be helpful to the companies. Some of the major benefits enjoyed by trainees are:

  • Learning new skills
  • Work experience to add in their resume
  • Exposure to the real working environment
  • Adding to career portfolios
  • Gives opportunity to convert theoretical knowledge into practical application
  • In some cases, conversion of internship program into a future job

Internship programs give a platform to the HR trainees to display their skills and knowledge. Moreover, there are many companies which give preference to candidates who have already worked with them in the form of Human resource internship program.