Airtel Prepaid Recharge – Important Points to Remember

Recharging your prepaid connection is now more interesting and exciting like never before. Online  Airtel prepaid recharge has enabled the common user to recharge as and when he wants to – whether it is in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning; whether he is about to board a flight or travelling in a train; whether he is midway somewhere in the mountains or in an adventure safari.  As soon as the balance seems to be depleting, you can pick up your phone, open the Airtel App or the application of any other reseller and get on with your work. It has made life hassle-free and convenient!

Some of the common question that arises in our mind while getting the Airtel prepaid recharge has been discussed here. One very common query that comes up is – when the money has been deducted while making an online payment but the top up is not showing in the balance. The correct way of finding out whether the recharge was a success or not is to log in to the Airtel website and check your recharge history. There is a special button for doing so. If the recent recharge is not displaying here, it means the top-up was a failure and you would surely get your money back into your account in some time.

 The other method of checking your recharge history is to dial *121*3# and locate your recent recharge. The third way is to download the Airtel App onto your mobile and add your prepaid number to it using the ‘Add Account’ link. Once done, you can check the status of your updates from the Recharge History button here. However it is important to note that the App will reflect only those recharges that have been done via the Airtel App.

If all the above do not satisfy your query, you can check the payment history by logging into the Airtel website or through the Airtel App. You will be able to view details of the last three payments made by you.

Many of us wish and some of us actually keep a track of our spending. Especially if your credit or debit card or bank transfer details are used by other members of the family for carrying out various online payments. In such cases, Airtel enables you to view your last five transactions online after logging into the website or using the App on your mobile. Or dial *121*7# from your prepaid number and you will get a message detailing out the last few spends.

Finally if you are still stuck, whether it is Airtel Prepaid Recharge that is not reflecting or any other issue, contacting the customer care support is the best way out.  The support centers of all the popular cellular operators are quite helpful and professional. They will reply back to your emails or even guide you on the phone. The point is that none of the service providers want to displease their loyal subscriber base and hence always extend a helping hand.