Advantages and disadvantages of L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen layouts

If you’re getting a new design for your kitchen or remodelling the existing one, your first concern should be on selecting a layout. Kitchen is the important space when it comes to interior designing as there is so much to look into. It’s more than a place to arrange your kitchen appliances or food.

You may begin designing your space considering the artistic features such as materials, colour schemes, and details on countertop, sinks, but first you need to concentrate on layout. In this article, you can find information about two popular layouts – L-shape and U-shape.

What are your goals?

Do your family members prefer to eat in the kitchen and if that’s the case, how do you plan the space, so that they can comfortably enjoy eating delicious food you cooked. Is your washing machine goes into a utility room or you need some smart place to cleverly arrange it? Do you want closed or open concept? Does the ideal work triangle is sufficient for you or you need more efficient space for food preparation and cleanup? How many storage room you need? The following L-shaped Vs U-shaped layout guide sheds some lights on pros and cons of each option.

L-shaped kitchen

As the name implies, it comes in the L-shape form, where two walls are dedicated to storage and counters. Great for small kitchens, this type can also accommodate an island in the middle. It also works best with open floor plans and can have a standard work triangle as well. One side of the kitchen is left open to dining or living areas so that you can do multi-tasking, i.e. you can cook as well keep an eye on your children.

Consider this layout, if you want to accomplish the following things:

  • Being able to accommodate one extra person at times
  • Designing a layout that feels connected to other parts of the home
  • Arranging the number items in a streamlined way

U-shaped kitchen

U-shaped kitchen layouts will use three walls as countertops or cabinets. If you’re social cooking lover, then this might not best suit for you. If you like the idea of having barstool seating, but not having enough room for island, you can consider a U with peninsula.

U-shaped layout will keep the kitchen area separate from dining and living rooms; it best suits for those looking for closed kitchen concepts. Since there will be more cabinet sections, the amount of storage space you get also will be increased.

Consider this arrangement, if you want following things in your kitchen:

  • Wanting to have some privacy while cooking
  • Want to attain maximum efficiency in work triangle area
  • Need room for only one person to cook

Summing up, if you need an open kitchen, opt for L-shape layout, while you’re priorities are storage, privacy then choose a U-shape layout. The cupboard price varies as per the modules and you can easily find best solutions for your space and needs. Choose the layout that offers you a perfect place to cook, socialize, and entertain.