Accused of Benefit Fraud? Here’s a Helping Hand

Being convicted of benefit fraud can result with several outcomes. Effectively it is fraud and you can go to jail. The fine can be anything from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. You will certainly need to pay back any amounts that were gained fraudulently. Additionally, your benefits can be stopped entirely as well as reduced. If you think you are being accused of benefit fraud it might be best to get a helping hand. There are free services with limited advice, the citizens advice bureau for example. However, it might well be worth contacting a professional for benefit fraud advice and solicitors who can provide full defence and experience in dealing with the matter.

Are You Being Accused?

Sometimes benefits get halted because they need you to confirm some details usually regarding your personal circumstances. You might have received a letter asking for details with regards to things like, who lives there? Have you work circumstances changed? Has your health improved? These questions do not necessarily mean you are being investigated for a fraudulent claim. It might be just a routine review to ensure your circumstances have not changed and you are receiving all your entitlements.

Providing Answers

The Citizens Advice Bureau can help with any questions and details you need to provide to confirm your claim for benefit. If it is regarding health, getting a letter from your doctor to confirm illness will provide excellent proof. If it’s regarding people who live with you; provide a gas or electric bill from another address in their name, for example.

Interview Under Caution

If you have received a letter informing you to attend an “interview under caution” it often indicates, you are suspected of benefit fraud. If this happens it might be a good time to contact a benefit fraud solicitor. Especially if you are nervous and probably confused. Determining your eligibility and the systems’ criteria can be daunting. Benefit fraud is when the system believes you have deliberately made a false claim and knew you were doing so. How they believe you did that will not always be made clear in the interview, although it might. Indeed, you could be presented with a court summons. If you are worried, contact a professional benefit fraud solicitor.

How Can a Solicitor Help?

A benefit fraud solicitor specialises in this area. It depends on the accusation, but it could be they advise not to attend the interview as it is not appropriate under the circumstances. If you have a court summons or request for interview they can advise on the next best step to take.

Failure to report changes in your circumstances can lead to successful prosecution. The consequences of that can be life-changing. A specialist benefit fraud solicitor can help get the best outcome. They can give you knowledgeable advice and have the experience needed to understand what the accusations are and their consequences. If you think you are being accused do not just sit and worry about it. Do something, and for the best outcome possible, do it sooner rather than later.