A Family Lawyers Advice on How to Get a Quick Divorce In Sydney

One thing that these family and divorce lawyers in Sydney have learned over the days is that divorce does not have to be expensive, stressful and complex. In fact, divorce can be quick and easy if it is done properly. The good thing to do is to have a good strategy and then execute that strategy properly. Let us look at how the divorce process can be quick and easy if it is done properly.

Key Topics

All divorces start when somebody files for divorce. You and your spouse need to agree on the four primary topics of divorce. If you cannot agree on these topics, the court will decide for you. But if you can reach an agreement on these four topics with your spouse, hiring a lawyer and going to court will not be necessary. Once the four topics are settled, the details are written in a divorce document. And once you and your spouse sign the divorce document, you will be legally divorced – that is all to it.The four divorce topics are alimony, the division of net worth, child custody and child support. These are the four topics you need to resolve to finalize your divorce. More often or not in Sydney, couples tend to eliminate one or more of these topics. For instance, if you do not have minor children, then you will not have to deal with child support and child custody. The point is many couples can cross one or more topics off their lists. This makes their divorce even easier.To save the benefit of the doubt, let us assume the worst scenario and look at each of the topics.

Child Custody

If you and your spouse cannot resolve the child custody issue, the court will decide it for you by a custody evaluation. This evaluation is conducted by a legal evaluator, in this case, the family divorce lawyer you hire. The judges have nothing or little to say on the matter

Child Support

Child support is the easiest to resolve because it is nothing more than a calculation. It is based on the number of minor children, an income of the parents, custody arrangement and a percentage set by the law courts in Sydney.

Property Division

To calculate your net worth so as to know how to divide your property is to basically subtract your debts from your assets. For instance, if you have 80000 Australian dollars in assets and you owe 20000 Australian dollars in debt, your net worth is 60000 Australian dollars. Then divide your net worth between you and your spouse.


Alimony is based on the income gap between your income and your spouse’s income. A rule of thumb here is the greater the income gap, the greater the alimony and the longer you have been married, the longer the alimony will have to be paid.

Time Statistics

So how quickly can this be resolved quickly? Child custody lasts for about 2-3 months, calculating child support should not take more than 10 minutes, creating a list of your assets, in debts and dividing them fairly generally takes an hour or two if you take a common sense approach. Calculating your income gap for the alimony should not take more than 1 minute. This totals us to say 2 months in total for these four topics to be addressed.